brain-derived neurotrophic factor ; Rattus norvegicus

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1 34119664 Nicotine and modafinil combination protects against the neurotoxicity induced by 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine in hippocampal neurons of male rats. 2021 Oct 1
2 31694445 Effects of an adenosine A2A agonist on the rewarding associative properties of nicotine and neural plasticity in a rodent model of schizophrenia. 2020 Jan 1
3 31721205 Co-administration of ethanol and nicotine heightens sensitivity to ethanol reward within the nucleus accumbens (NAc) shell and increasing NAc shell BDNF is sufficient to enhance ethanol reward in naïve Wistar rats. 2020 Mar 1
4 32198107 Molecular, histological and behavioral evidences for neuroprotective effects of minocycline against nicotine-induced neurodegeneration and cognition impairment: Possible role of CREB-BDNF signaling pathway. 2020 May 27 2
5 32417176 Expression analysis of hippocampal and amygdala CREB-BDNF signaling pathway in nicotine-induced reward under stress in rats. 2020 Aug 15 7
6 33152941 Effect of 4-Fluoro-N-(4-sulfamoylbenzyl) Benzene Sulfonamide on cognitive deficits and hippocampal plasticity during nicotine withdrawal in rats. 2020 Nov 2
7 30389584 Excitotoxicity and compensatory upregulation of GAD67 in fetal rat hippocampus caused by prenatal nicotine exposure are associated with inhibition of the BDNF pathway. 2019 Jan 1
8 31315660 Sex differences in nicotine-enhanced Pavlovian conditioned approach in rats. 2019 Jul 17 5
9 31316930 Treadmill exercise ameliorates nicotine withdrawal-induced symptoms. 2019 Jun 1
10 28641491 Nicotine and cigarette smoke modulate Nrf2-BDNF-dopaminergic signal and neurobehavioral disorders in adult rat cerebral cortex. 2018 May 2
11 28857504 Persistent histone modifications at the BDNF and Cdk-5 promoters following extinction of nicotine-seeking in rats. 2018 Feb 8
12 29065194 Nicotine-Induced Neuroprotection against Cognitive Dysfunction after Partial Hepatectomy Involves Activation of BDNF/TrkB Signaling Pathway and Inhibition of NF-κB Signaling Pathway in Aged Rats. 2018 Mar 6 3
13 27940499 The effects of adolescent methylphenidate exposure on the behavioral and brain-derived neurotrophic factor response to nicotine. 2017 Jan 3
14 28123348 Inhibition of miRNA-210 reverses nicotine-induced brain hypoxic-ischemic injury in neonatal rats. 2017 3
15 28235586 The effects of nicotine in the neonatal quinpirole rodent model of psychosis: Neural plasticity mechanisms and nicotinic receptor changes. 2017 May 15 4
16 28608236 The Neuroprotective Effect of Curcumin Against Nicotine-Induced Neurotoxicity is Mediated by CREB-BDNF Signaling Pathway. 2017 Oct 3
17 27287203 Intravenous Prenatal Nicotine Exposure Alters METH-Induced Hyperactivity, Conditioned Hyperactivity, and BDNF in Adult Rat Offspring. 2016 1
18 25155311 Ethanol and nicotine interaction within the posterior ventral tegmental area in male and female alcohol-preferring rats: evidence of synergy and differential gene activation in the nucleus accumbens shell. 2015 Feb 2
19 25314897 The exposure to nicotine affects expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and nerve growth factor (NGF) in neonate rats. 2015 Feb 5
20 26259694 Acute nicotine treatment attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced cognitive dysfunction by increasing BDNF expression and inhibiting neuroinflammation in the rat hippocampus. 2015 Sep 14 4
21 28123805 BDNF/TRK/KCC2 pathway in nicotine withdrawal-induced hyperalgesia. 2015 3
22 23291224 Adolescent nicotine sensitization and effects of nicotine on accumbal dopamine release in a rodent model of increased dopamine D2 receptor sensitivity. 2013 Apr 1 3
23 23333681 Enhanced nicotine-seeking behavior following pre-exposure to repeated cocaine is accompanied by changes in BDNF in the nucleus accumbens of rats. 2013 Mar 1
24 25309774 Nicotine Blocks the Depressogenic Effects of Alcohol: Implications for Drinking-Smoking Co-Morbidity. 2013 Jul 1 1
25 22959963 Nicotine-induced anxiety-like behavior in a rat model of the novelty-seeking phenotype is associated with long-lasting neuropeptidergic and neuroplastic adaptations in the amygdala: effects of the cannabinoid receptor 1 antagonist AM251. 2012 Dec 3
26 22982626 Effects of sex and chronic neonatal nicotine treatment on Na²⁺/K⁺/Cl⁻ co-transporter 1, K⁺/Cl⁻ co-transporter 2, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, NMDA receptor subunit 2A and NMDA receptor subunit 2B mRNA expression in the postnatal rat hippocampus. 2012 Dec 6 1
27 19464074 Chronic nicotine restores normal Aβ levels and prevents short-term memory and E-LTP impairment in Aβ rat model of Alzheimer's disease. 2011 May 2
28 21990022 Gestational IV nicotine produces elevated brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the mesocorticolimbic dopamine system of adolescent rat offspring. 2011 Dec 3
29 19410565 Chronic neonatal nicotine exposure increases mRNA expression of neurotrophic factors in the postnatal rat hippocampus. 2009 Jun 30 2
30 20081236 Influences of chronic venlafaxine, olanzapine and nicotine on the hippocampal and cortical concentrations of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). 2009 Nov-Dec 2
31 17268847 Nicotine inhibits bFGF-induced neurite outgrowth through suppression of NO synthesis in H19-7 cells. 2007 Mar 1
32 17523180 Nicotine prevents disruption of the late phase LTP-related molecular cascade in adult-onset hypothyroidism. 2007 2
33 16307449 Nicotine prevents stress-induced enhancement of long-term depression in hippocampal area CA1: electrophysiological and molecular studies. 2006 Feb 1 2
34 16408261 The effects of adulthood nicotine treatment on D2-mediated behavior and neurotrophins of rats neonatally treated with quinpirole. 2006 Apr 6
35 16530419 Chronic psychosocial stress-induced impairment of hippocampal LTP: possible role of BDNF. 2006 Jun 3
36 11146126 Acute nicotine decreases, and chronic nicotine increases the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor mRNA in rat hippocampus. 2000 Dec 28 5
37 9832142 Nicotine prevents experimental parkinsonism in rodents and induces striatal increase of neurotrophic factors. 1998 Dec 1
38 9503263 Striatal increase of neurotrophic factors as a mechanism of nicotine protection in experimental parkinsonism. 1997 3