Fatty Acids

fatty acid synthase ; Bos taurus

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1 35181144 Role of diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase (DGAT) isoforms in bovine hepatic fatty acid metabolism. 2022 Apr 3
2 35469640 Role of sortilin 1 (SORT1) on lipid metabolism in bovine liver. 2022 Jun 5
3 34100951 Intracellular Ca2+ signaling and ORAI calcium release-activated calcium modulator 1 are associated with hepatic lipidosis in dairy cattle. 2021 Jul 1 1
4 34438882 Genome-Wide Association Study for Fatty Acid Composition in American Angus Cattle. 2021 Aug 18 1
5 31993168 Camellia (Camellia oleifera Abel.) seed oil promotes milk fat and protein synthesis-related gene expression in bovine mammary epithelial cells. 2020 Jan 2
6 32331890 Sirtuin 3 improves fatty acid metabolism in response to high nonesterified fatty acids in calf hepatocytes by modulating gene expression. 2020 Jul 2
7 32689797 Circ09863 Regulates Unsaturated Fatty Acid Metabolism by Adsorbing miR-27a-3p in Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells. 2020 Aug 12 1
8 31155263 Fatty acid-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress promoted lipid accumulation in calf hepatocytes, and endoplasmic reticulum stress existed in the liver of severe fatty liver cows. 2019 Aug 1
9 31304752 Effects of Free Fatty Acids with Different Chain Lengths and Degrees of Saturability on the Milk Fat Synthesis in Primary Cultured Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells. 2019 Aug 7 1
10 29273553 Association between FASN gene polymorphisms ultrasound carcass traits and intramuscular fat in Qinchuan cattle. 2018 Mar 1 2
11 29892799 In vivo evidence on the functional variation within fatty acid synthase gene associated with lipid metabolism in bovine longissimus dorsi muscle tissue. 2018 Mar 1
12 28615065 Genome wide association study and genomic prediction for fatty acid composition in Chinese Simmental beef cattle using high density SNP array. 2017 Jun 14 3
13 26249527 Allelic frequencies and association with carcass traits of six genes in local subpopulations of Japanese Black cattle. 2016 Apr 1
14 26376068 Genetic diversity analysis of buffalo fatty acid synthase (FASN) gene and its differential expression among bovines. 2016 Jan 10 2
15 26720887 Associations of polymorphisms in bovine DGAT1, FABP4, FASN, and PPARGC1A genes with intramuscular fat content and the fatty acid composition of muscle and subcutaneous fat in Fleckvieh bulls. 2016 Apr 1
16 25597874 The g.841G>C SNP of FASN gene is associated with fatty acid composition in beef cattle. 2015 Aug 2
17 24015912 Effect of FASN gene on milk yield and milk composition in the Chinese Holstein dairy population. 2014 Feb 2
18 24565561 SREBP-1c overexpression induces triglycerides accumulation through increasing lipid synthesis and decreasing lipid oxidation and VLDL assembly in bovine hepatocytes. 2014 Sep 1
19 24704238 Overfeeding energy upregulates peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)γ-controlled adipogenic and lipolytic gene networks but does not affect proinflammatory markers in visceral and subcutaneous adipose depots of Holstein cows. 2014 1
20 24745147 FASN gene polymorphism in indigenous cattle breeds of Turkey. 2014 1
21 24792801 Effects of pasture versus confinement and marine oil supplementation on the expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism in mammary, liver, and adipose tissues of lactating dairy cows. 2014 Jul 1
22 24858810 Genome wide association study identifies 20 novel promising genes associated with milk fatty acid traits in Chinese Holstein. 2014 1
23 23403305 Genetic variation of FASN is associated with fatty acid composition of Hanwoo. 2013 May 2
24 23607548 Genome-wide association study for fatty acid composition in Japanese Black cattle. 2013 Oct 1
25 21773945 Fatty acid composition of beef is associated with exonic nucleotide variants of the gene encoding FASN. 2012 Apr 4
26 22221030 Association analyses of single nucleotide polymorphisms in bovine stearoyl-CoA desaturase and fatty acid synthase genes with fatty acid composition in commercial cross-bred beef steers. 2012 Feb 2
27 22223295 Association of five candidate genes with fatty acid composition in Korean cattle. 2012 May 1
28 22497525 Contributions of FASN and SCD gene polymorphisms on fatty acid composition in muscle from Japanese Black cattle. 2012 Dec 2
29 22851248 Supplemental palmitoleic (C16:1 cis-9) acid reduces lipogenesis and desaturation in bovine adipocyte cultures. 2012 Oct 1
30 20852082 Effects of bovine fatty acid synthase, stearoyl-coenzyme A desaturase, sterol regulatory element-binding protein 1, and growth hormone gene polymorphisms on fatty acid composition and carcass traits in Japanese Black cattle. 2011 Jan 7
31 19291389 Novel mutations of the FASN gene and their effect on fatty acid composition in Japanese Black beef. 2009 Jun 1
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33 17242864 Fatty acid synthase effects on bovine adipose fat and milk fat. 2007 Jan 1
34 16734679 Association of polymorphisms in the bovine FASN gene with milk-fat content. 2006 Jun 2