NFE2 like bZIP transcription factor 2 ; Rattus norvegicus

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1 34903409 Combination of sodium butyrate and probiotics ameliorates severe burn-induced intestinal injury by inhibiting oxidative stress and inflammatory response. 2021 Nov 16 3
2 32459091 Evaluating the Activity of Sodium Butyrate to Prevent Osteoporosis in Rats by Promoting Osteal GSK-3β/Nrf2 Signaling and Mitochondrial Function. 2020 Jun 17 2
3 30881589 Alphalipoic Acid Prevents Oxidative Stress and Peripheral Neuropathy in Nab-Paclitaxel-Treated Rats through the Nrf2 Signalling Pathway. 2019 2
4 31204637 Sodium butyrate protects against high-fat diet-induced oxidative stress in rat liver by promoting expression of nuclear factor E2-related factor 2. 2019 Aug 28 7
5 23696823 Butyrate-producing probiotics reduce nonalcoholic fatty liver disease progression in rats: new insight into the probiotics for the gut-liver axis. 2013 2