Fatty Acids

apolipoprotein E ; Mus musculus

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1 33058853 Enhanced cardiac hypoxic injury in atherogenic dyslipidaemia results from alterations in the energy metabolism pattern. 2021 Jan 1
2 34653759 Effects of DHA dietary intervention on hepatic lipid metabolism in apolipoprotein E-deficient and C57BL/6J wild-type mice. 2021 Dec 1
3 34830135 Enhanced Muscle Strength in Dyslipidemic Mice and Its Relation to Increased Capacity for Fatty Acid Oxidation. 2021 Nov 12 1
4 31622728 APOE genotype and postnatal chlorpyrifos exposure modulate gut microbiota and cerebral short-chain fatty acids in preweaning mice. 2020 Jan 1
5 31919912 Deletion of Ppard in CD11c+ cells attenuates atherosclerosis in ApoE knockout mice. 2020 Feb 1
6 30611282 Concurrent exercise improves insulin resistance and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by upregulating PPAR-γ and genes involved in the beta-oxidation of fatty acids in ApoE-KO mice fed a high-fat diet. 2019 Jan 5 1
7 30905828 Hypercholesterolemia in young adult APOE-/- mice alters epidermal lipid composition and impairs barrier function. 2019 Jul 2
8 30999225 Lysophospholipid profiles of apolipoprotein E-deficient mice reveal potential lipid biomarkers associated with atherosclerosis progression using validated UPLC-QTRAP-MS/MS-based lipidomics approach. 2019 Jul 15 1
9 31129318 Anti-atherosclerotic action of GW9508 - Free fatty acid receptors activator - In apoE-knockout mice. 2019 Aug 1
10 30342191 Attenuation of oxidative stress-induced lesions in skeletal muscle in a mouse model of obesity-independent hyperlipidaemia and atherosclerosis through the inhibition of Nox2 activity. 2018 Dec 1
11 30355932 Atypical Antipsychotic Drug Olanzapine Deregulates Hepatic Lipid Metabolism and Aortic Inflammation and Aggravates Atherosclerosis. 2018 1
12 25381750 Apolipoprotein E (APOE) genotype regulates body weight and fatty acid utilization-Studies in gene-targeted replacement mice. 2015 Feb 3
13 25777360 ITCH modulates SIRT6 and SREBP2 to influence lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis in ApoE null mice. 2015 Mar 17 1
14 26500845 TIMP3 interplays with apelin to regulate cardiovascular metabolism in hypercholesterolemic mice. 2015 Oct 1
15 25241798 Serum metabonomic analysis of apoE(-/-) mice reveals progression axes for atherosclerosis based on NMR spectroscopy. 2014 Dec 1
16 23650230 Xanthohumol ameliorates atherosclerotic plaque formation, hypercholesterolemia, and hepatic steatosis in ApoE-deficient mice. 2013 Oct 1
17 24204574 A deficiency of Herp, an endoplasmic reticulum stress protein, suppresses atherosclerosis in ApoE knockout mice by attenuating inflammatory responses. 2013 1
18 24324736 An immunomodulating fatty acid analogue targeting mitochondria exerts anti-atherosclerotic effect beyond plasma cholesterol-lowering activity in apoe(-/-) mice. 2013 1
19 22610982 Nutritional B vitamin deficiency disrupts lipid metabolism causing accumulation of proatherogenic lipoproteins in the aorta adventitia of ApoE null mice. 2012 Jul 1
20 19924462 Olive oils modulate fatty acid content and signaling protein expression in apolipoprotein E knockout mice brain. 2010 Jan 1
21 17130485 Endogenous ApoE expression modulates adipocyte triglyceride content and turnover. 2006 Dec 3
22 15023399 Effect of n-3 fatty acids on serum lipid levels and hepatic fatty acid metabolism in BALB/c.KOR-Apoeshl mice deficient in apolipoprotein E expression. 2004 Mar 2
23 11902115 A new role for apolipoprotein E: modulating transport of polyunsaturated phospholipid molecular species in synaptic plasma membranes. 2002 Jan 2
24 11385507 Lack of macrophage fatty-acid-binding protein aP2 protects mice deficient in apolipoprotein E against atherosclerosis. 2001 Jun 1
25 10533050 Distinct alterations in phospholipid metabolism in brains of apolipoprotein E-deficient mice. 1999 Nov 15 1
26 8761448 The role of lipoprotein lipase and apoprotein E in the recognition of chylomicrons and chylomicron remnants by cultured isolated mouse hepatocytes. 1996 Aug 15 1