cholecystokinin B receptor ; Rattus norvegicus

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1 31012948 The cholecystokinin receptor agonist, CCK-8, induces adiponectin production in rat white adipose tissue. 2019 Aug 1
2 12100748 L-365,260 reversed effect of sincalide against morphine on electrical and mechanical activities of rat duodenum in vitro. 2002 Jul 1
3 10657473 BOC-CCK-4, CCK(B)receptor agonist, antagonizes anxiolytic-like action of morphine in elevated plus-maze. 1999 Feb 1
4 9496717 The selective cholecystokininB receptor antagonist L-365,260 diminishes the expression of naloxone-induced morphine withdrawal symptoms in normal and neuropathic rats. 1998 2
5 9600632 Preferential blockade of cholecystokinin-8S-induced increases in aspartate and glutamate levels by the CCK(B) receptor antagonist, L-365,260, in rat brain. 1998 Mar 19 1
6 9163562 In mononeuropathic rats, the enhancement of morphine antinociception by L-365,260, a selective CCK(B) receptor antagonist, depends on the dose of systemic morphine and stimulus characteristics. 1997 May 1 1
7 9316848 Prevention of tolerance to the antinociceptive effects of systemic morphine by a selective cholecystokinin-B receptor antagonist in a rat model of peripheral neuropathy. 1997 Sep 1
8 9517439 The effects of CCK-4 on dopamine D1 agonist-induced grooming are blocked by a CCK(A) receptor antagonist: evidence for a novel CCK receptor subtype? 1997 Nov-Dec 1
9 8632408 Controlled modification of acidity in cholecystokinin B receptor antagonists: N-(1,4-benzodiazepin-3-yl)-N'-[3-(tetrazol-5-ylamino) phenyl]ureas. 1996 Feb 16 1
10 8786694 CCK-B receptor-mediated stimulation of polyphosphoinositide turnover in GH3 pituitary cells in response to cholecystokinin and pentagastrin. 1996 1
11 8985712 Behavioral effects of CCKB receptor ligands in a validated simulation of panic anxiety in rats. 1996 Nov 2
12 7557084 Cholecystokinin-B receptor ligands of the dipeptoid series act as agonists on rat stomach histidine decarboxylase. 1995 Oct 1
13 8180826 Type B cholecystokinin receptors on rat glioma C6 cells. Binding studies and measurement of intracellular calcium mobilization. 1994 Mar 7 1
14 8333544 Effects of cholecystokinin on cytosolic calcium in pancreatic duct segments and ductal cells. 1993 Jun 1
15 8510013 The gastrin/cholecystokinin-B receptor antagonist L-365,260 reduces basal acid secretion and prevents gastrointestinal damage induced by aspirin, ethanol and cysteamine in the rat. 1993 Jun 1
16 1557183 The CCK-A and CCK-B receptor antagonists, devazepide and L-365,260, enhance morphine antinociception only in non-acclimated rats exposed to a novel environment. 1992 Feb 1
17 1637673 Autocrine stimulation of growth of AR4-2J rat pancreatic tumour cells by gastrin. 1992 Jul 1
18 1996314 Evidence for an involvement of the brain cholecystokinin B receptor in anxiety. 1991 Feb 15 1
19 2311658 The selective CCK-B receptor antagonist L-365,260 enhances morphine analgesia and prevents morphine tolerance in the rat. 1990 Jan 25 1