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lipoprotein lipase ; Bos taurus

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1 27132096 Effects of DGAT1 K232A polymorphism and milking frequency on milk composition and spontaneous lipolysis in dairy cows. 2016 Jul 1
2 21257033 Cooling causes changes in the distribution of lipoprotein lipase and milk fat globule membrane proteins between the skim milk and cream phase. 2011 Feb 1
3 8446037 Reduced lipolysis of large apo E-poor very-low-density lipoprotein subfractions from type IV hypertriglyceridemic subjects in vitro and in vivo. 1993 Jan 1
4 1482370 Lipoprotein lipase-mediated lipolysis of very low density lipoproteins increases monocyte adhesion to aortic endothelial cells. 1992 Dec 30 1
5 1596518 Changes in particle size of high density lipoproteins during incubation with very low density lipoproteins, cholesteryl ester transfer protein and lipoprotein lipase. 1992 May 8 1
6 2006165 Transport of lipoprotein lipase across endothelial cells. 1991 Mar 15 1
7 2300584 Fatty acid control of lipoprotein lipase: a link between energy metabolism and lipid transport. 1990 Feb 1
8 2592631 Lipase redistribution in cows' milk during induced lipolysis. I. Activation by agitation, temperature change, blood serum and heparin. 1989 Nov 1
9 2925647 Release of endothelial cell lipoprotein lipase by plasma lipoproteins and free fatty acids. 1989 Mar 15 4
10 6631244 Resistance of a very low density lipoprotein subpopulation from familial dysbetalipoproteinemia to in vitro lipolytic conversion to the low density lipoprotein density fraction. 1983 Sep 1
11 7240041 Effect of fasting on free fatty acid, glycerol and cholesterol concentrations in blood plasma and lipoprotein lipase activity in adipose tissue of cattle. 1981 Jan 1