CD4 molecule ; Homo sapiens

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1 35063658 Vitamin D3 and zinc synergistically induce regulatory T cells and suppress interferon-γ production in mixed lymphocyte culture. 2022 Apr 4
2 31731231 Vitamin D3-mediated resistance to a multiple sclerosis model disease depends on myeloid cell 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 synthesis and correlates with increased CD4+ T cell CTLA-4 expression. 2020 Jan 15 2
3 32160330 Pleiotropic effects of vitamin D3 on CD4+ T lymphocytes mediated by human periodontal ligament cells and inflammatory environment. 2020 Jun 3
4 32508805 The Migratory Properties and Numbers of T Regulatory Cell Subsets in Circulation Are Differentially Influenced by Season and Are Associated With Vitamin D Status. 2020 2
5 33552054 Vitamin D3-Induced Tolerogenic Dendritic Cells Modulate the Transcriptomic Profile of T CD4+ Cells Towards a Functional Hyporesponsiveness. 2020 1
6 30696977 Effects of vitamin D supplements on frequency of CD4+ T-cell subsets in women with Hashimoto's thyroiditis: a double-blind placebo-controlled study. 2019 Sep 1
7 31539353 Cholecalciferol modulates the phenotype of differentiated monocyte-derived dendritic cells without altering HIV-1 transfer to CD4+ T cells. 2019 Sep 20 1
8 29522785 Vitamin D3 inhibits the proliferation of T helper cells, downregulate CD4+ T cell cytokines and upregulate inhibitory markers. 2018 Jun 1
9 28222027 Vitamin D modulates the expression of HLA-DR and CD38 after in vitro activation of T-cells. 2017 Mar 1 1
10 26653112 Vitamin D Supplementation Modulates T Cell-Mediated Immunity in Humans: Results from a Randomized Control Trial. 2016 Feb 5
11 26718578 Safety and immunologic effects of high- vs low-dose cholecalciferol in multiple sclerosis. 2016 Jan 26 4
12 27622485 Dendritic cells generated in the presence of vitamin D3 and stimulated with lipopolysaccharide secrete IL-8, IL-1β, IL-10 and induce relatively low levels of CD4+CD25hiFoxp3+ T cells. 2016 Jun 3 1
13 23999998 High-dose cholecalciferol supplementation significantly increases peripheral CD4⁺ Tregs in healthy adults without negatively affecting the frequency of other immune cells. 2014 Apr 2
14 24313624 Oral vitamin D increases the frequencies of CD38+ human B cells and ameliorates IL-17-producing T cells. 2014 Feb 1
15 24792400 Vitamin D up-regulates the vitamin D receptor by protecting it from proteasomal degradation in human CD4+ T cells. 2014 1
16 23042025 Tolerogenic dendritic cells impede priming of naïve CD8⁺ T cells and deplete memory CD8⁺ T cells. 2013 Jan 1
17 21930443 Vitamin D3 modulates T lymphocyte responses in hepatitis C virus-infected liver transplant recipients. 2012 Jan 2
18 21050239 Vitamin D3 treatment of Crohn's disease patients increases stimulated T cell IL-6 production and proliferation. 2010 Dec 3
19 19539561 Regulation of cutaneous immunity by the environment: an important role for UV irradiation and vitamin D. 2009 May 1
20 20429425 Foxp3 expressing regulatory T-cells in allergic disease. 2009 1
21 19075789 Regulatory T cells and allergic disease. 2008 Dec 1
22 16341266 Reversing the defective induction of IL-10-secreting regulatory T cells in glucocorticoid-resistant asthma patients. 2006 Jan 2
23 1972874 Cytokines and osteoporosis. 1990 1