estradiol 3-benzoate

gonadotropin releasing hormone 1 ; Rattus norvegicus

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1 30920587 Neonatal Estrogen Causes Irreversible Male Infertility via Specific Suppressive Action on Hypothalamic Kiss1 Neurons. 2019 May 1 1
2 26667127 The increase in the number of spines on the gonadotropin-releasing hormone neuron across pubertal development in rats. 2016 May 1
3 17888527 GnRH mediates estrous behavior induced by ring A reduced progestins and vaginocervical stimulation. 2008 Feb 11 2
4 11999719 Effect of adrenergic blockade on the pheromonal restoration of cyclic activity in young oestrogen-primed persistent oestrous female rats. 2002 Mar 1
5 7627270 LHRH effects on hippocampal neurons are modulated by estrogen in rats. 1995 Apr 1
6 8464327 Effects of the opioid antagonist naltrexone-estrone azine on the luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone induced release of luteinizing hormone from the pituitary glands of ovariectomized rats. 1993 1
7 2036964 Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone alters the hypothalamic effects of morphine in the rat. 1991 Jun 1
8 2125702 Differential effects of a luteinizing-hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) antagonist analogue on lordosis behavior induced by LHRH and the LHRH fragment Ac-LHRH5-10. 1990 Aug 2
9 3075044 Blockade of LHRH-induced lordosis by alpha- and beta-adrenergic antagonists in ovariectomized, estrogen primed rats. 1988 Nov 1
10 3140673 Gonadotropin-releasing hormone sensitivity in underfed prepubertal female rats. 1988 Oct 1
11 2956530 Estrogen priming affects the sensitivity of midbrain central gray neurons to microiontophoretically applied LHRH but not beta-endorphin. 1987 Jun 3
12 3121935 Interrelationship between estrogen and thyroxine on the release of luteinizing hormone and gonadotropin-releasing hormone in vitro. 1987 Dec 5
13 3528895 In vivo LH-RH output of ovariectomized rats following estrogen treatment. 1986 2
14 3896027 LH response to LH-RH neonatally estrogenized male rats. 1985 May-Jun 1
15 3904876 Cellular mechanisms of acute estrogen negative feedback on LH secretion: pituitary responsiveness to LHRH and estradiol receptor kinetics in the pituitary, preoptic hypothalamic area, and the caudal hypothalamic area of the rat brain. 1985 1
16 3921955 [Synthetic tripeptide miniluliberin and its biological activity]. 1985 Mar-Apr 1
17 3926532 Clomiphene citrate can mimic the augmentative (positive) but not the depressing (negative) effect of estradiol on the LHRH-stimulated release of LH and FSH by the pituitary gland of the long-term ovariectomized rat. 1985 Aug 15 6
18 6360665 Stimulation with estrogen and progesterone of luteinizing hormone (LH)-releasing hormone release from perifused adult female rat hypothalami: correlation with the LH surge. 1984 Jan 1
19 6426227 Prolonged combined in vivo pre-treatment with luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LRH) and oestradiol benzoate causes long-lasting suppression of the autonomous and the LRH-stimulated secretion of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. An in vitro study. 1984 Apr 1
20 6356136 Catecholamine mechanisms in the feedback effects of estradiol benzoate on the release of LH and prolactin. 1983 Nov 5
21 7040584 Feedback effect of oestrogen on luteinizing hormone secretion by the rat pituitary gland. 1982 Mar 1
22 7033996 Facilitation of sexual receptivity in the rat by an ovulation-inhibiting analog of LHRH. 1981 Dec 2
23 6988205 Effects of estrogen on luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in a hypothalamic synaptosomal fraction from the ovariectomized rat. 1980 3
24 6993974 Effects of estrogen and progesterone on LHRH release from a hypothalamic synaptosomal fraction of ovariectomized rats. 1980 May 1
25 6995142 Discharge of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone from the mediobasal part of the hypothalamus: effect of stimulation frequency and gonadal steroids. 1980 1
26 7029491 Estrogen and the subcellular distribution of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone: rate sedimentation studies. 1980 Winter 4
27 372239 Administration of gonadal steroids to the castrated male rat prevents a decrease in the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone from the incubated hypothalamus. 1979 Feb 1
28 386681 Effects of active and passive immunization with LH-RH on gonadotrophin secretion and reproductive function in female rats. 1979 Aug 1
29 343823 Direct effects of estradiol benzoate and testosterone on the response of the male rat pituitary to luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH). 1978 Mar 2
30 351123 Steroid priming of the luteinizing hormone response to luteinizing hormone releasing hormone. 1978 Jun 1
31 19713 Pituitary responsiveness to LH-RH in intact and ovariectomized androgen-sterilized rats. 1977 2
32 768398 Interaction between oestrogen and gonadotrophin- releasing hormone on the release and synthesis of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone from incubated pituitaries. 1976 Jan 1
33 780098 Tissue levels of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone in the preoptic area and hypothalamus, and serum concentrations of gonadotropins following anterior hypothalamic deafferentation and estrogen treatment of the female rat. 1976 Jul 1
34 789806 Secretion of luteinizing hormone caused by continuous infusions of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in the long-term ovariectomized rat: effect of oestrogen pretreatment. 1976 Oct 3
35 1091117 Measurement of rat LH with a double-antibody solid-phase radioimmunoassay: effect of LH-RH and of testosterone oenanthate in castrated animals. 1975 Mar 1
36 1093195 Effect of intermittent infusion of LH-releasing hormone of serum LH and FSH levels in immature male rats. 1975 Mar 1
37 1100362 Age-related changes in pituitary responsiveness to LHRH in the female rat. 1975 Sep 1
38 1108288 Response of serum LH, FSH and prolactin to injection of synthetic LH-RH into rat anterior pituitary. 1975 Oct 1
39 4607938 The effect of estradiol benzoate on the pituitary responsiveness to LH-RH in male and female rats. 1974 1