Fatty Acids

apolipoprotein B ; Homo sapiens

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1 34771142 Anti-Obesity Effects of Matoa (Pometia pinnata) Fruit Peel Powder in High-Fat Diet-Fed Rats. 2021 Nov 7 1
2 32990613 Dietary saturated fats and apolipoprotein B48 levels are similarly associated with cognitive decline in healthy older aged Australians. 2020 1
3 30452912 Elevated lipolysis in adipose tissue by doxorubicin via PPARα activation associated with hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance. 2019 Jan 15 1
4 29381796 Substitution of dietary ω-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids for saturated fatty acids decreases LDL apolipoprotein B-100 production rate in men with dyslipidemia associated with insulin resistance: a randomized controlled trial. 2018 Jan 1 1
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7 28864143 Association of dietary nutrients with blood lipids and blood pressure in 18 countries: a cross-sectional analysis from the PURE study. 2017 Oct 2
8 25727313 Apolipoprotein E isoforms 3/3 and 3/4 differentially interact with circulating stearic, palmitic, and oleic fatty acids and lipid levels in Alaskan Natives. 2015 Apr 2
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10 23316323 Adipocyte triglyceride turnover is independently associated with atherogenic dyslipidemia. 2012 Dec 1
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12 20960377 The role of lipid metabolism in the pathogenesis of alcoholic and nonalcoholic hepatic steatosis. 2010 Nov 1
13 17090753 Dietary fatty acids make a rapid and substantial contribution to VLDL-triacylglycerol in the fed state. 2007 Mar 1
14 17823116 The Hsp110 molecular chaperone stabilizes apolipoprotein B from endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation (ERAD). 2007 Nov 9 1
15 18333368 Pathogenic role of abnormal fatty acids and adipokines in the portal flow. Relevance for metabolic syndrome, hepatic steatosis and steatohepatitis. 2007 1
16 16843720 Fatty acids bound to human serum albumin and its structural variants modulate apolipoprotein B secretion in HepG2 cells. 2006 Jul 1
17 15640456 Greater enrichment of triacylglycerol-rich lipoproteins with apolipoproteins E and C-III after meals rich in saturated fatty acids than after meals rich in unsaturated fatty acids. 2005 Jan 1
18 14565984 Lipid-dependent bidirectional traffic of apolipoprotein B in polarized enterocytes. 2004 Jan 3
19 14581578 Amino acid sequences within the beta1 domain of human apolipoprotein B can mediate rapid intracellular degradation. 2004 Feb 2
20 15531693 Apolipoprotein E gene promoter -219G->T polymorphism increases LDL-cholesterol concentrations and susceptibility to oxidation in response to a diet rich in saturated fat. 2004 Nov 1
21 12193148 Measurement of apolipoprotein B-48 in the Svedberg flotation rate (S(f))>400, S(f) 60-400 and S(f) 20-60 lipoprotein fractions reveals novel findings with respect to the effects of dietary fatty acids on triacylglycerol-rich lipoproteins in postmenopausal women. 2002 Sep 1
22 12493088 Acute-on-chronic effects of fatty acids on intestinal triacylglycerol-rich lipoprotein metabolism. 2002 Dec 1
23 11022045 Co-translational interactions of apoprotein B with the ribosome and translocon during lipoprotein assembly or targeting to the proteasome. 2001 Jan 5 1
24 11299079 Dietary fat intake in healthy adolescents: inverse relationships between the estimated intake of saturated fatty acids and serum cholesterol. 2001 Mar 2
25 11560458 Hypertriglyceridemic hyperapob: the unappreciated atherogenic dyslipoproteinemia in type 2 diabetes mellitus. 2001 Sep 18 1
26 11958280 The level and species of plasma non-esterified fatty acids are not related to elevated plasma apolipoprotein B levels in familial combined hyperlipidemia. 2001 1
27 10787443 Oxidized phospholipids, linked to apolipoprotein B of oxidized LDL, are ligands for macrophage scavenger receptors. 2000 May 1
28 10856517 The effects of fatty acids on apolipoprotein B secretion by human hepatoma cells (HEP G2). 2000 Jun 2
29 10996334 A common apolipoprotein B signal peptide polymorphism modifies the relation between plasma non-esterified fatty acids and triglyceride concentration in men. 2000 Sep 1
30 10195935 Niacin accelerates intracellular ApoB degradation by inhibiting triacylglycerol synthesis in human hepatoblastoma (HepG2) cells. 1999 Apr 1
31 9518534 Lysophosphatidylcholine increases apolipoprotein B secretion by enhancing lipid synthesis and decreasing its intracellular degradation in HepG2 cells. 1998 Mar 6 1
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38 7768354 Caco-2 cells as a model for intestinal lipoprotein synthesis and secretion. 1995 May 2
39 8847491 Triacylglycerol-rich lipoprotein cholesterol is derived from the plasma membrane in CaCo-2 cells. 1995 Dec 1
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50 2846736 Apolipoprotein B synthesized by Hep G2 cells undergoes fatty acid acylation. 1988 Sep 2