Luteinizing Hormone

prolactin ; Rattus norvegicus

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1 25993525 Hypothalamic Prolactin Regulation of Luteinizing Hormone Secretion in the Female Rat. 2015 Aug 2
2 24456164 Prolactin regulates kisspeptin neurons in the arcuate nucleus to suppress LH secretion in female rats. 2014 Mar 2
3 22674474 Allopregnanolone alters the luteinizing hormone, prolactin, and progesterone serum levels interfering with the regression and apoptosis in rat corpus luteum. 2012 Jul 1
4 20236228 Role of prolactin in the gonadotroph responsiveness to gonadotrophin-releasing hormone during the equine annual reproductive cycle. 2010 Jun 1
5 11168650 Prolactin and Leydig cells: biphasic effects of prolactin on LH-, T3- and GH-induced testosterone/oestradiol secretion by Leydig cells in pubertal rats. 2001 Feb 3
6 9687315 Prolactin regulation of tissue type plasminogen activator and plasminogen activator inhibitor type-I gene expression in eCG-primed rat granulosa cells in culture. 1998 Aug 1
7 8699143 Prolactin- and testosterone-induced inhibition of LH secretion after orchidectomy: role of catecholaminergic neurones terminating in the diagonal band of Broca, medial preoptic nucleus and median eminence. 1996 Feb 3
8 7731494 Plasma levels of luteinizing hormone during hyperprolactinemia: response to central administration of antagonists of corticotropin-releasing factor. 1995 Jan 2
9 8258648 Effect of pulse frequency and amplitude of D-Trp6-luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone on the pulsatile secretion of prolactin and LH. 1993 Sep 1
10 8283440 Differential effects of adrenalectomy on the prolactin-induced suppression of LH and FSH secretion after castration in male rats. 1993 Sep 1
11 1472694 Luteinization of ovaries and gonadotrophin and prolactin secretion in rats with posterior hypothalamic lesions. 1992 Jun 1
12 2253591 Prolactin does not mediate the suppressive effect of the suckling stimulus on luteinizing hormone secretion in ovariectomized lactating rats. 1990 Jun 1
13 2257614 Effects of prolactin on the morphology and function of rat Leydig cells: short-term versus long-term administration. 1990 Oct 2
14 2510992 Stimulatory action of prolactin on gonadotropin secretion in vitro. 1989 Aug 1
15 2559342 Hyperprolactinemia decreases naloxone binding in the arcuate nucleus of ovariectomized rats. 1989 Dec 1
16 2708123 Effects of prolactin on luteinizing hormone-stimulated testosterone secretion in isolated perfused rat testis. 1989 Jan-Feb 2
17 3242177 Influence of endogenous prolactin on the luteinizing hormone stimulation of testicular steroidogenesis and the role of prolactin in adult male rats. 1988 May-Jun 1
18 2980106 Immunohistochemical localization of prolactin in functioning and regressing corpus luteum of pituitary autotransplanted rats. 1986 Jan 1
19 3006548 In vitro effects of prolactin and dexamethasone on rat Leydig cell aromatase activity. 1986 Jan-Feb 1
20 3157667 Prolonged suppression of plasma LH levels in male rats after a single injection of an LH-RH agonist in poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) microcapsules. 1985 Mar-Apr 1
21 3883215 Antiserum to LH-RH blocks haloperidol-induced hyperprolactinemia in female rats. 1985 Feb 2
22 3933236 Gonadotrophic regulation of prolactin mediated progesterone secretion in vitro. 1985 Oct 1
23 3969813 Suppressive effect of prolactin on oestrogen-induced secretion of LH by sequentially perifused rat hypothalamus-pituitary. 1985 Feb 2
24 4040304 Prolactin inhibits oestradiol-induced luteinizing hormone release at the pituitary level. 1985 Jun 1
25 4052527 Prolactin involvement in regulation of testicular 5 alpha-reductase activity in the immature rat. 1985 Oct 2
26 6094697 Effects of acute administration of 2-hydroxylated metabolites of oestrogens on LH and prolactin secretion in male and female prepubertal rats. 1984 Dec 1
27 6541239 Further study of oestrous cycles that follow interruption of spontaneous persistent oestrus in middle-aged rats. 1984 Sep 1
28 6587713 Cyclic and diurnal alterations in the response of luteinizing hormone and prolactin to prostaglandin E2 during the rat oestrous cycle. 1984 May 1
29 6299687 Gonadotropins regulate plasminogen activator production by rat granulosa cells. 1983 Apr 1
30 6300718 LH-RH and dopamine levels in hypophysial stalk plasma and their relationship to plasma gonadotrophins and prolactin levels in male rats bearing a prolactin- and adrenocorticotrophin-secreting pituitary tumor. 1983 2
31 6606568 Circadian rhythms in plasma prolactin, luteinizing hormone and hypophyseal prolactin levels in lactating rats. 1983 Oct 3
32 6286389 Modulation of prolactin receptors in cultured rat granulosa cells by FSH, LH and GnRH. 1982 Jun 1
33 6291906 Prolactin inhibition of luteinizing hormone-stimulated androgen synthesis in ovarian interstitial cells cultured in defined medium: mechanism of action. 1982 Dec 5
34 6296383 Antiserum to LH reverses the abortifacient effect of Bromergocryptine treatment in early rat pregnancy. 1982 Dec 1
35 6296803 Combined long-term treatment with an LHRH agonist and a pure antiandrogen blocks androgenic influence in the rat. 1982 1
36 6800769 Divergent effects of prolactin on estrogen and progesterone production by granulosa cells of rat Graafian follicles. 1982 Apr 1
37 7327531 Prolactin suppression and spermatogenic developments in maturing rats. A quantitative study. 1981 1
38 6777214 Prolactin inhibition of estrogen production by cultured rat granulosa cells. 1980 Nov 2
39 7190891 Temporal aspects of the involvement of the uterus and prolactin in the establishment of luteinizing hormones-dependent progesterone secretion in the rat. 1980 Oct 1
40 574418 Ontogeny of catecholamine turnover rates in limbic and hypothalamic structures in relation to serum prolactin and gonadotropin levels. 1979 Dec 28 1
41 743999 Suppression of plasma luteinizing hormone by prolactin in the male rat. 1978 Mar 2
42 190066 Prolactin binding in rat testis: specific receptors in interstitial cells. 1977 Feb 3
43 401033 Termination of pseudopregnancy following hypothalamic implantation of prolactin. 1977 Mar 1
44 874418 Desensitization of the dopaminergic inhibition of pituitary luteinizing hormone release by prolactin in ovariectomized rats. 1977 Jul 2
45 174897 Enzymatic dissociation and short-term culture of isolated rat anterior pituitary cells for studies on the control of hormone secretion. 1976 Feb 1
46 179793 Luteotropic regulation of dispersed rat luteal cells in early pregnancy. 1976 Jun 1
47 187413 Luteal cell receptor content for prolactin (PRL) and luteinizing hormone (LH): regulation by LH and PRL. 1976 Dec 5
48 798686 Prolactin release by synthetic luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) in thyroidectomized-androgenized adult rats. 1976 Dec 1
49 1028951 Selective actions of prolactin on catecholamine turnover in the hypothalamus and on serum LH and FSH. 1976 4
50 167373 Serum prolactin levels and prolactin binding activity in adrenals and kidneys of male rats after dehydration, salt loading, and unilateral nephrectomy. 1975 May 1