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1 33859108 The impact of immune checkpoint therapy on the latent reservoir in HIV-infected individuals with cancer on antiretroviral therapy. 2021 Aug 1 1
2 30921340 Induction and maintenance of bi-functional (IFN-γ + IL-2+ and IL-2+ TNF-α+) T cell responses by DNA prime MVA boosted subtype C prophylactic vaccine tested in a Phase I trial in India. 2019 1
3 28969431 Intradermal HIV-1 DNA Immunization Using Needle-Free Zetajet Injection Followed by HIV-Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara Vaccination Is Safe and Immunogenic in Mozambican Young Adults: A Phase I Randomized Controlled Trial. 2018 Feb 1
4 30564243 Increased Expression of sST2 in Early HIV Infected Patients Attenuated the IL-33 Induced T Cell Responses. 2018 1
5 28179527 HIV-Specific Granzyme B-Secreting but Not Gamma Interferon-Secreting T Cells Are Associated with Reduced Viral Reservoirs in Early HIV Infection. 2017 Apr 15 1
6 28333940 Distinct transcriptome profiles of Gag-specific CD8+ T cells temporally correlated with the protection elicited by SIVΔnef live attenuated vaccine. 2017 1
7 27427967 HIV-1 Subtype C Mosaic Gag Expressed by BCG and MVA Elicits Persistent Effector T Cell Responses in a Prime-Boost Regimen in Mice. 2016 1
8 27502245 Cartilage inflammation and degeneration is enhanced by pro-inflammatory (M1) macrophages in vitro, but not inhibited directly by anti-inflammatory (M2) macrophages. 2016 Dec 1
9 26199949 First-in-Human Evaluation of the Safety and Immunogenicity of a Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 gag Vaccine (HVTN 090). 2015 Sep 1
10 24114722 Residual viremia in patients on antiretroviral therapy incorporating nevirapine is not associated with the gag-specific cellular immune response. 2014 Jun 1
11 25454870 Therapeutic immunisation plus cytokine and hormone therapy improves CD4 T-cell counts, restores anti-HIV-1 responses and reduces immune activation in treated chronic HIV-1 infection. 2014 Dec 5 1
12 23172685 HIV Gag-specific immune response mediated by double negative (CD3(+)CD4(-)CD8(-)) T cells in HIV-exposed seronegative individuals. 2013 Feb 1
13 23616666 Early Gag immunodominance of the HIV-specific T-cell response during acute/early infection is associated with higher CD8+ T-cell antiviral activity and correlates with preservation of the CD4+ T-cell compartment. 2013 Jul 1
14 21533229 Pre-existing adenovirus immunity modifies a complex mixed Th1 and Th2 cytokine response to an Ad5/HIV-1 vaccine candidate in humans. 2011 Apr 13 1
15 21857901 A phase IIA randomized clinical trial of a multiclade HIV-1 DNA prime followed by a multiclade rAd5 HIV-1 vaccine boost in healthy adults (HVTN204). 2011 1
16 20179574 Cytotoxic granule release dominates gag-specific CD4+ T-cell response in different phases of HIV infection. 2010 Apr 24 1
17 19352428 Immunodominant HIV-1 Cd4+ T cell epitopes in chronic untreated clade C HIV-1 infection. 2009 4
18 18849196 Recombinant Mycobacterium bovis BCG vector system expressing SIV Gag protein stably and persistently induces antigen-specific humoral immune response concomitant with IFN gamma response, even at three years after immunization. 2008 Dec 5
19 17143825 Influence of human T cell lymphotropic virus type 2 coinfection on virological and immunological parameters in HIV type 1-infected patients. 2007 Jan 1 2
20 16730772 Progestin-based contraceptive suppresses cellular immune responses in SHIV-infected rhesus macaques. 2006 Aug 15 1
21 16971807 Simultaneous activation of viral antigen-specific memory CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells using mRNA-electroporated CD40-activated autologous B-cells. 2006 Sep-Oct 1
22 15580653 CD8+ T cells from most HIV-1-infected patients, even when challenged with mature dendritic cells, lack functional recall memory to HIV gag but not other viruses. 2005 Jan 1
23 15821391 Distinct patterns of HIV-specific memory T lymphocytes in HIV-exposed uninfected individuals and in HIV-infected patients. 2005 Apr 29 1
24 15919923 Immunization of macaques with single-cycle simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) stimulates diverse virus-specific immune responses and reduces viral loads after challenge with SIVmac239. 2005 Jun 1
25 15990567 Analysis of the effect of highly active antiretroviral therapy during acute HIV-1 infection on HIV-specific CD4 T cell functions. 2005 Jul 22 1
26 14980480 Functional simian immunodeficiency virus Gag-specific CD8+ intraepithelial lymphocytes in the mucosae of SIVmac251- or simian-human immunodeficiency virus KU2-infected macaques. 2004 Feb 20 1
27 15345313 Use of retroviral vectors for the analysis of SIV/HIV-specific CD8 T cell responses. 2004 Aug 1
28 14571181 Evidence for Gag p24-specific CD4 T cells with reduced susceptibility to R5 HIV-1 infection in a UK cohort of HIV-exposed-seronegative subjects. 2003 Nov 7 1
29 12444145 Presence of HIV-1 Gag-specific IFN-gamma+IL-2+ and CD28+IL-2+ CD4 T cell responses is associated with nonprogression in HIV-1 infection. 2002 Dec 1 3
30 10717345 A recombinant avipoxvirus HIV-1 vaccine expressing interferon-gamma is safe and immunogenic in macaques. 2000 Apr 28 1
31 10857760 Glycosaminoglycans alter the conformation of interferon-gamma. 2000 May 1
32 10961890 Heparin and heparan sulfate bind interleukin-10 and modulate its activity. 2000 Sep 1 2
33 10328871 Binding of interferon gamma by glycosaminoglycans: a strategy for localization and/or inhibition of its activity. 1999 May 1
34 10383394 CD44, a cell surface chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan, mediates binding of interferon-gamma and some of its biological effects on human vascular smooth muscle cells. 1999 Jul 2 3
35 9825824 Sulfation-dependent down-regulation of interferon-gamma-induced major histocompatibility complex class I and II and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 expression on tubular and endothelial cells by glycosaminoglycans. 1998 Nov 15 3
36 9067536 Examination of the mechanism by which heparin antagonizes activation of a model endothelium by interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma). 1997 Mar 3
37 9330666 Inhibitory effect of pentoxifylline on HLA-DR expression and glycosaminoglycan synthesis of retrobulbar fibroblasts induced by interferon gamma. 1997 2
38 8674529 Interferon-gamma inhibits 35S incorporation in heparan sulfate synthesized by human skin fibroblasts. 1996 Jun 3 1
39 8836130 Interferon gamma differentially affects the synthesis of chondroitin/dermatan sulphate and heparan sulphate by human skin fibroblasts. 1996 Sep 15 1
40 1511700 Gamma-interferon inhibits extracellular matrix synthesis and remodeling in collagen lattice cultures of normal and scleroderma skin fibroblasts. 1992 Apr 1
41 1525174 Binding of interferon-gamma to heparan sulfate is restricted to the heparin-like domains and involves carboxylic--but not N-sulfated--groups. 1992 Sep 15 1
42 1900310 High-affinity binding of interferon-gamma to a basement membrane complex (matrigel). 1991 Mar 1
43 1902486 Stimulation of glycosaminoglycan accumulation by interferon gamma in cultured human retroocular fibroblasts. 1991 May 3
44 2117000 Effects of associated cytokines (IL-1, TNF-alpha, IFN-gamma and TGF-beta) on collagen and glycosaminoglycan production by cultured human synovial cells. 1990 1
45 2258640 Interferons and collagen production. 1990 Dec 1
46 2500974 Modulation of human chondrocyte metabolism by recombinant human interferon gamma: in-vitro effects on basal and IL-1-stimulated proteinase production, cartilage degradation and DNA synthesis. 1989 Jul 11 1
47 2448341 Regulation of human lung fibroblast glycosaminoglycan production by recombinant interferons, tumor necrosis factor, and lymphotoxin. 1988 Feb 1