Fatty Acids

fatty acid synthase ; Sus scrofa

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1 35409000 CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Knockout of miR-130b Affects Mono- and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Content via PPARG-PGC1α Axis in Goat Mammary Epithelial Cells. 2022 Mar 26 1
2 34760251 Mammary tissue proteomics in a pig model indicates that dietary valine supplementation increases milk fat content via increased de novo synthesis of fatty acid. 2021 Nov 1
3 31998401 Excessive BCAA regulates fat metabolism partially through the modification of m6A RNA methylation in weanling piglets. 2020 3
4 32326415 Comparative Transcriptomic Analysis of Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue from Local Pig Breeds. 2020 Apr 15 1
5 31515844 Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis using next-generation sequencing to reveal candidate genes responsible for boar taint in pigs. 2019 Dec 1
6 31727987 Transcriptome analysis of miRNA and mRNA in the livers of pigs with highly diverged backfat thickness. 2019 Nov 14 1
7 28107461 Inhibition of Fatty Acid Synthase Reduces Blastocyst Hatching through Regulation of the AKT Pathway in Pigs. 2017 1
8 28402008 Genome-wide association studies reveal additional related loci for fatty acid composition in a Duroc pig multigenerational population. 2017 Oct 1
9 26796620 Genetic architecture of fatty acid composition in the longissimus dorsi muscle revealed by genome-wide association studies on diverse pig populations. 2016 Jan 21 1
10 23301040 Distinctive genes determine different intramuscular fat and muscle fiber ratios of the longissimus dorsi muscles in Jinhua and landrace pigs. 2013 1
11 23957397 Effect of breed on fatty acid composition and lipogenic enzyme abundance in the subcutaneous adipose tissue of pigs. 2013 Aug 1
12 17555288 Veterinary aspects and perspectives of nutrigenomics: a critical review. 2007 Jun 2