Fc gamma receptor and transporter ; Homo sapiens

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1 34447559 Expanding the reactivity of inorganic clusters towards proteins: the interplay between the redox and hydrolytic activity of Ce(iv)-substituted polyoxometalates as artificial proteases. 2021 Aug 11 1
2 26627822 Conformational Destabilization of Immunoglobulin G Increases the Low pH Binding Affinity with the Neonatal Fc Receptor. 2016 Jan 22 2
3 27433338 FcRn binding is not sufficient for achieving systemic therapeutic levels of immunoglobulin G after oral delivery of enteric-coated capsules in cynomolgus macaques. 2016 Jun 1
4 24469444 Structural insights into neonatal Fc receptor-based recycling mechanisms. 2014 Mar 14 1
5 22215085 Structure-based mutagenesis reveals the albumin-binding site of the neonatal Fc receptor. 2012 Jan 3 1
6 20592032 X-ray crystal structures of monomeric and dimeric peptide inhibitors in complex with the human neonatal Fc receptor, FcRn. 2010 Sep 3 6
7 17048273 The conserved histidine 166 residue of the human neonatal Fc receptor heavy chain is critical for the pH-dependent binding to albumin. 2006 Nov 3
8 12568815 Molecular characterization of hemoglobin alpha-D chains from Geochelone carbonaria and Geochelone denticulata land turtles. 2003 Feb 1
9 12372819 Unusual proteolytic activation of pro-hepatocyte growth factor by plasma kallikrein and coagulation factor XIa. 2002 Dec 6 1
10 9493268 Structural basis of pH-dependent antibody binding by the neonatal Fc receptor. 1998 Jan 15 2
11 7696519 1H-NMR investigation of the oxygenation of hemoglobin in intact human red blood cells. 1995 Feb 1
12 7889418 Investigation of the interaction between the class I MHC-related Fc receptor and its immunoglobulin G ligand. 1994 Jul 3
13 1390944 Hemoglobin Rouen (alpha-140 (HC2) Tyr-->His): alteration of the alpha-chain C-terminal region and moderate increase in oxygen affinity. 1992 Oct 13 1
14 1511986 Two new human hemoglobin variants caused by unusual mutational events: Hb Zaïre contains a five residue repetition within the alpha-chain and Hb Duino has two residues substituted in the beta-chain. 1992 Aug 1
15 6155159 Coexistence of three hemoglobins with different alpha-chains in two unrelated children (with family studies indicating polymorphism in the number of alpha-globin genes in the Sardinian population). 1980 Jun 1
16 1098653 Specific cyanylation and cleavage at cysteine-104 human hemoglobin alpha-chain. A novel approach to the problem of the alpha-chain tryptic core in the study of haemoglobin variants by "fingerprinting" methods. 1975 Feb 1
17 5355345 Hemoglobin Yoshizuka (G10(108)beta asparagine--aspartic acid): a new variant with a reduced oxygen affinity from a Japanese family. 1969 Dec 1