Protein Name tumor susceptibility 101
Organism Homo sapiens
Gene ID 7251
Gene Symbol


UniProt Q99816 (TS101_HUMAN)
Relationships Total Number of functionally related compound(s) : 66
Total Number of Articles : 72

tumor susceptibility 101

Gene Summary

The protein encoded by this gene belongs to a group of apparently inactive homologs of ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes. The gene product contains a coiled-coil domain that interacts with stathmin, a cytosolic phosphoprotein implicated in tumorigenesis. The protein may play a role in cell growth and differentiation and act as a negative growth regulator. In vitro steady-state expression of this tumor susceptibility gene appears to be important for maintenance of genomic stability and cell cycle regulation. Mutations and alternative splicing in this gene occur in high frequency in breast cancer and suggest that defects occur during breast cancer tumorigenesis and/or progression. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]

  • tumor susceptibility gene 101 protein
  • ESCRT-I complex subunit TSG101
  • tumor susceptibility gene 10
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