RIKEN cDNA 2700049A03 gene ; Mus musculus

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1 286825 Isolation and partial characterization of an epiglycanin-like glycoprotein from a new non-strain-specific subline of TA3 murine mammary adenocarcinoma. J Natl Cancer Inst 1979 Jul 1
2 571355 Unequivocal evidence for a beta-D-configuration of the galactose residue in the disaccharide chain of epiglycanin, the major glycoprotein of the TA3-Ha tumor cell. FEBS Lett 1979 Mar 1 1
3 721815 Kinetics of release of glucosamine-labeled glycoproteins from the TA3-Ha murine adenocarcinoma cell. J Biol Chem 1978 Dec 25 1
4 721816 Cellular origin of glucosamine-labeled glycoproteins released from the TA3-Ha tumor cell. J Biol Chem 1978 Dec 25 1
5 994226 Increased immunogenicity of TA3-Ha cells treated with the antitumor antibiotic macromomycin (B). J Natl Cancer Inst 1976 Jun 1
6 1098413 Concanavalin A and other lectins in the study of tumor cell surface organization. Adv Exp Med Biol 1975 1
7 1115774 Evidence that the major cell suface glycoprotein of the TA3-Ha carcinoma contains the Vicia graminea receptor sites. Biochemistry 1975 Feb 25 2
8 1125949 Immunochemical and chemical investigations of the structure of glycoprotein fragments obtained from epiglycanin, a glycoprotein at the surface of the TA3-Ha cancer cell. Carbohydr Res 1975 Mar 1
9 1269623 Host immune rejection of TA3 ascites carcinoma cells following administration of a water soluble carbodiimide. Experientia 1976 Feb 15 2
10 1270806 Receptors for immune complexes on cells within a non-lymphoid murine tumor. J Immunol 1976 Jun 2
11 2475250 Exchange of macromolecules between plasma and peritoneal cavity in ascites tumor-bearing, normal, and serotonin-injected mice. Cancer Res 1989 Oct 1 1
12 2857750 Prostaglandin E2 inhibits the activation of cloned T cell hybridomas. J Immunol 1985 Apr 3
13 2982650 Effects of retinoic acid on ascites cells of the TA3 mouse mammary carcinoma. Experientia 1985 Mar 15 1
14 3025593 Isolation and characterization of expressible cDNA clones encoding the M1 and M2 subunits of mouse ribonucleotide reductase. Mol Cell Biol 1986 Oct 1
15 3070357 Purification and characterization of radiolabelled biosynthetic human insulin from Escherichia coli. Kinetics of processing by antigen presenting cells. Mol Immunol 1988 Dec 1
16 3359424 DNA (cytosine) methylation in murine and human tumor cell lines treated with S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase inhibitors. Cancer Lett 1988 Apr 2
17 3366506 Effect of sex hormones on NK and ADCC activity of mice. Int J Immunopharmacol 1988 2
18 3768885 Further characterization of the glycoproteins and glycosaminoglycans released from TA3 murine adenocarcinoma cells in culture. Carbohydr Res 1986 Aug 15 6
19 3835824 Potentiation of antimetabolite action by uridylate trapping. Adv Enzyme Regul 1985 2
20 3979412 In vivo localization of radioiodinated peanut lectin in a murine TA3/Ha mammary carcinoma model. Eur J Nucl Med 1985 1
21 5661993 Cell volume regulation in mouse TA3 ascites tumor cells by exogenous ATP as measured by the Coulter Counter. J Cell Physiol 1968 Jun 1
22 6311416 Selective release of the disaccharide 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-3-O-(beta-D-galactopyranosyl)-D-galactose from epiglycanin by endo-N-acetyl-alpha-D-galactosaminidase. Carbohydr Res 1983 Jul 16 1
23 6681773 Differing electrical surface charge and transplantation properties of genetically variant sublines of the TA3 murine adenocarcinoma tumor. Eur J Cancer Clin Oncol 1983 Feb 2
24 7363275 Comparative lectin-binding and agglutination properties of the strain-specific, TA-3-St, and the non-strain-specific, TA3-Ha, murine mammary carcinoma ascites sublines. Further studies of receptors in epiglycanin. Carbohydr Res 1980 Apr 1 1
25 7529135 Pathogenesis of ascites tumor growth: angiogenesis, vascular remodeling, and stroma formation in the peritoneal lining. Cancer Res 1995 Jan 15 1
26 8666792 Modulation of antigen presentation and class II expression by a class II-associated invariant chain peptide. J Immunol 1996 Jun 1 1
27 9251753 Opposing effects of quinacrine and chloroquine on the development of TA3 transplanted tumors in mice. Biol Res 1995 2
28 9396767 Induction of apoptosis of metastatic mammary carcinoma cells in vivo by disruption of tumor cell surface CD44 function. J Exp Med 1997 Dec 15 1
29 10854236 Perturbation of hyaluronan interactions by soluble CD44 inhibits growth of murine mammary carcinoma cells in ascites. Am J Pathol 2000 Jun 1
30 12208455 Inhibitory effect of vanillin-like compounds on respiration and growth of adenocarcinoma TA3 and its multiresistant variant TA3-MTX-R. Eur J Pharm Sci 2002 Sep 2
31 16504517 Effects of 9,10-dihydroxy-4,4-dimethyl-5,8-dihydro-1(4H)-anthracenone derivatives on tumor cell respiration. Bioorg Med Chem 2006 Jul 1 2
32 16707268 Comparative cytotoxicity of alkyl gallates on mouse tumor cell lines and isolated rat hepatocytes. Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol 2007 Apr 11
33 16778191 Different progression of tumor xenografts between mucin-producing and mucin-non-producing mammary adenocarcinoma-bearing mice. Cancer Res 2006 Jun 15 1
34 18610748 Inhibitory effect of nordihydroguaiaretic acid and its tetra-acetylated derivative on respiration and growth of adenocarcinoma TA3 and its multiresistant variant TA3MTX-R. In Vivo 2008 May-Jun 1
35 19426756 Timosaponin AIII, a saponin isolated from Anemarrhena asphodeloides, ameliorates learning and memory deficits in mice. Pharmacol Biochem Behav 2009 Aug 4
36 20023240 Chemosensitizing effect of nordihydroguaiaretic acid and its tetra-acetylated derivative on parental and multiresistant TA3 mouse mammary adenocarcinoma cells. In Vivo 2009 Nov-Dec 4
37 21249303 Betamethasone inhibits tumor development, microvessel density and prolongs survival in mice with a multiresistant adenocarcinoma TA3. Biol Res 2010 1
38 23333614 An ortho-carbonyl substituted hydroquinone derivative is an anticancer agent that acts by inhibiting mitochondrial bioenergetics and by inducing G₂/M-phase arrest in mammary adenocarcinoma TA3. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 2013 Mar 15 1
39 23777606 Tumor cell death induced by the inhibition of mitochondrial electron transport: the effect of 3-hydroxybakuchiol. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 2013 Oct 15 1
40 24568614 Antiproliferative and uncoupling effects of delocalized, lipophilic, cationic gallic acid derivatives on cancer cell lines. Validation in vivo in singenic mice. J Med Chem 2014 Mar 27 1
41 25027008 Celecoxib decreases growth and angiogenesis and promotes apoptosis in a tumor cell line resistant to chemotherapy. Biol Res 2014 Jun 16 1
42 26712467 Small structural changes on a hydroquinone scaffold determine the complex I inhibition or uncoupling of tumoral oxidative phosphorylation. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 2016 Jan 15 1
43 32188623 Type I IFN, Ly6C<sup>+</sup> cells, and Phagocytes Support Suppression of Peritoneal Carcinomatosis Elicited by a TLR and CLR Agonist Combination. Mol Cancer Ther 2020 Jun 4