Title : Functionality of an absolutely conserved glycine residue in the chimeric relaxin family peptide R3/I5.

Pub. Date : 2019 Apr

PMID : 30604098

3 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 All insulin superfamily members contain three absolutely conserved disulfide linkages and a nonchiral Gly residue immediately following the first B-chain cysteine. Glycine insulin Homo sapiens
2 The functionality of this conserved Gly residue in the insulin family has been studied by replacing it with natural L-amino acids or the corresponding unnatural D-amino acids. Glycine insulin Homo sapiens
3 The present study revealed functionality of the conserved B-chain Gly residue for a relaxin family peptide for the first time, providing an overview of its contribution to foldability and activity of the insulin superfamily. Glycine insulin Homo sapiens