Title : Inhibition of miR-33a/b in non-human primates raises plasma HDL and lowers VLDL triglycerides.

Pub. Date : 2011 Oct 19

PMID : 22012398

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1 Notably, miR-33 antagonism in this non-human primate model also increased the expression of miR-33 target genes involved in fatty acid oxidation (CROT, CPT1A, HADHB and PRKAA1) and reduced the expression of genes involved in fatty acid synthesis (SREBF1, FASN, ACLY and ACACA), resulting in a marked suppression of the plasma levels of very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL)-associated triglycerides, a finding that has not previously been observed in mice. Fatty Acids protein kinase AMP-activated catalytic subunit alpha 1 Homo sapiens