Title : Mechanism of Janus kinase 3-catalyzed phosphorylation of a Janus kinase 1 activation loop peptide.

Pub. Date : 2003 Feb 1

PMID : 12559972

2 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 Since transphosphorylation of the two kinases is presumed to occur after receptor engagement we examined the phosphorylation by recombinant JAK3 of a peptide substrate corresponding to the JAK1 activation loop (KAIETDKEYYTVKD), which has two adjacent tyrosines. Tyrosine Janus kinase 1 Homo sapiens
2 Kinetic analysis of the reactions of singly phosphorylated JAK1 activation loop peptides showed that phosphorylating the first or second tyrosine decreased the k(cat)/K(m) for the phosphorylation of the other 115- and 26-fold, respectively. Tyrosine Janus kinase 1 Homo sapiens