Dermatan Sulfate

plasminogen ; Homo sapiens

5 Article(s)
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1 27564657 Stimulation of thrombin- and plasmin-mediated activation of thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor by anionic molecules. 2016 Oct 1
2 17270255 Insight into the profibrinolytic activity of dermatan sulfate: effects on the activation of plasminogen mediated by tissue and urinary plasminogen activators. 2007 1
3 15203110 Identification of heparin affin regulatory peptide domains with potential role on angiogenesis. 2004 Oct 1
4 10496984 Matrix localization of tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2/matrix-associated serine protease inhibitor (TFPI-2/MSPI) involves arginine-mediated ionic interactions with heparin and dermatan sulfate: heparin accelerates the activity of TFPI-2/MSPI toward plasmin. 1999 Oct 1 1
5 7225714 The anticoagulant activity of dermatan sulphates: evidence against the involvement of antithrombin III. 1981 Jan 1