complement C3 ; Homo sapiens

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1 30059720 Ancistroyafungines A-D, 5,8'- and 5,1'-coupled naphthylisoquinoline alkaloids from a Congolese Ancistrocladus species, with antiausterity activities against human PANC-1 pancreatic cancer cells. 2018 Oct 1
2 30419265 Ancistrobrevines E-J and related naphthylisoquinoline alkaloids from the West African liana Ancistrocladus abbreviatus with inhibitory activities against Plasmodium falciparum and PANC-1 human pancreatic cancer cells. 2018 Nov 1
3 27936793 Biomimetic Total Synthesis of the Pentacyclic Amaryllidaceae Alkaloid Derivative Gracilamine. 2017 Jan 6 1
4 24409339 Application of diazene-directed fragment assembly to the total synthesis and stereochemical assignment of (+)-desmethyl-meso-chimonanthine and related heterodimeric alkaloids. 2014 Jan 1 1
5 22093483 Rapid characterization and identification of steroidal alkaloids in Sarcococca coriacea using liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization quadropole time-of-flight mass spectrometry. 2012 Jan 1
6 19681075 Stereocontrolled and versatile total synthesis of bispyrrolidinoindoline diketopiperazine alkaloids: structural revision of the fungal isolate (+)-asperdimin. 2009 Sep 28 3