Insulin Glargine

insulin receptor ; Homo sapiens

11 Article(s)
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1 29874257 Evaluation of the innate immunostimulatory potential of originator and non-originator copies of insulin glargine in an in vitro human immune model. 2018 2
2 25697343 Proliferative and signaling activities of insulin analogues in endometrial cancer cells. 2015 May 5 2
3 23653049 Differences in metabolic and mitogenic signallingof insulin glargine and AspB10 human insulin in rats [corrected]. 2013 Aug 3
4 23251042 A docking study of insulin with LI-CR-L2 ecto domain of insulin receptor: an easy way for preliminary screening of novel anti-diabetic peptides. 2012 2
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6 20835859 Long-acting insulin analogues elicit atypical signalling events mediated by the insulin receptor and insulin-like growth factor-I receptor. 2010 Dec 1
7 19145584 Insulin analogues display IGF-I-like mitogenic and anti-apoptotic activities in cultured cancer cells. 2009 Jan 1
8 18316392 Proliferation of colo-357 pancreatic carcinoma cells and survival of patients with pancreatic carcinoma are not altered by insulin glargine. 2008 Jun 2
9 18585815 Characteristics of signalling properties mediated by long-acting insulin analogue glargine and detemir in target cells of insulin. 2008 Sep 1
10 14656737 Glargine and regular human insulin similarly acutely enhance endothelium-dependent vasodilatation in normal subjects. 2004 Feb 1
11 15281015 Reduced action of insulin glargine on protein and lipid metabolism: possible relationship to cellular hormone metabolism. 2004 Aug 1