insulin ; Homo sapiens

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1 24654599 The ability of insulin to inhibit the formation of amyloid by pro-islet amyloid polypeptide processing intermediates is significantly reduced in the presence of sulfated glycosaminoglycans. 2014 Apr 29 2
2 23994438 In vitro effects of insulin and RPE on choroidal and scleral components of eye growth in chicks. 2013 Nov 3
3 22107247 BMP-2 embedded atelocollagen scaffold for tissue-engineered cartilage cultured in the medium containing insulin and triiodothyronine--a new protocol for three-dimensional in vitro culture of human chondrocytes. 2012 May 1
4 21391299 Administration of the insulin into the scaffold atelocollagen for tissue-engineered cartilage. 2011 May 3
5 20506225 Extent of cell differentiation and capacity for cartilage synthesis in human adult adipose-derived stem cells: comparison with fetal chondrocytes. 2010 Oct 1 1
6 19118259 Hypoxia induces near-native mechanical properties in engineered heart valve tissue. 2009 Jan 20 1
7 18509682 The phytoestrogens daidzein and genistein enhance the insulin-stimulated sulfate uptake in articular chondrocytes. 2008 Jul 2
8 16569486 Lipidic implants for controlled release of bioactive insulin: effects on cartilage engineered in vitro. 2006 May 18 2
9 11522680 Changes in matrix proteoglycans induced by insulin and fatty acids in hepatic cells may contribute to dyslipidemia of insulin resistance. 2001 Sep 1
10 8731217 Effects of growth-factor-enhanced culture on a chondrocyte-collagen implant for cartilage repair. 1996 Jun 1
11 1613437 Control of protein and matrix-molecule synthesis in isolated ovine fetal growth-plate chondrocytes by the interactions of basic fibroblast growth factor, insulin-like growth factors-I and -II, insulin and transforming growth factor-beta 1. 1992 Jun 1
12 6094162 Stimulation of glycosaminoglycan synthesis by somatomedin and insulin in rat chondrocytes via somatomedin receptors. 1984 Jun 3
13 7046349 Glycosaminoglycan synthesis by human diabetic, normal adult, and embryonic fibroblasts in relation to insulin levels. 1981 1
14 153251 Studies of cultured human fibroblasts in diabetes mellitus: changes in heparan sulfate. 1979 Jan 1