Dermatan Sulfate

CD44 molecule (Indian blood group) ; Homo sapiens

5 Article(s)
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1 22947857 Distinct kinetic and molecular requirements govern CD44 binding to hyaluronan versus fibrin(ogen). 2012 Aug 8 2
2 23056168 PDGF suppresses the sulfation of CD44v and potentiates CD44v-mediated binding of colon carcinoma cells to fibrin under flow. 2012 1
3 19004834 Biomolecular characterization of CD44-fibrin(ogen) binding: distinct molecular requirements mediate binding of standard and variant isoforms of CD44 to immobilized fibrin(ogen). 2009 Jan 9 1
4 15854029 Three-dimensional migration of human adult dermal fibroblasts from collagen lattices into fibrin/fibronectin gels requires syndecan-4 proteoglycan. 2005 May 1
5 15009704 Fibroblast invasive migration into fibronectin/fibrin gels requires a previously uncharacterized dermatan sulfate-CD44 proteoglycan. 2004 Feb 1