von Willebrand factor ; Homo sapiens

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1 26677223 Mutational Constraints on Local Unfolding Inhibit the Rheological Adaptation of von Willebrand Factor. 2016 Feb 19 1
2 22490677 Sequence and structure relationships within von Willebrand factor. 2012 Jul 12 1
3 18035190 A 24-week, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study of the efficacy and tolerability of combination therapy with rosiglitazone and sulfonylurea in African American and Hispanic American patients with type 2 diabetes inadequately controlled with sulfonylurea monotherapy. 2007 Sep 1
4 12646253 Platelet aggregation by membrane-expressed A1 domains of von Willebrand Factor is dependent on residues Asp 560 and Gly 561. 2003 Mar 21 1
5 12430915 Molecular diagosis of von Willebrand disease. 2002 Aug 1
6 10648402 Requirement of leucine-rich repeats of glycoprotein (GP) Ibalpha for shear-dependent and static binding of von Willebrand factor to the platelet membrane GP Ib-IX-V complex. 2000 Feb 1 1
7 10777573 Modeling and functional analysis of the interaction between von Willebrand factor A1 domain and glycoprotein Ibalpha. 2000 Apr 28 1
8 10845886 Platelet thrombus formation on collagen at high shear rates is mediated by von Willebrand factor-glycoprotein Ib interaction and inhibited by von Willebrand factor-glycoprotein IIb/IIIa interaction. 2000 Jun 2
9 11877016 [A mutation of platelet glycoprotein I balpha results in defects in its interaction with immobilized vWF]. 2000 Sep 1
10 10196713 Mutation in the zonadhesin-like domain of alpha-tectorin associated with autosomal dominant non-syndromic hearing loss. 1999 Feb-Mar 1
11 9808586 Interaction of sickle erythrocytes with endothelial cells in the presence of endothelial cell conditioned medium induces oxidant stress leading to transendothelial migration of monocytes. 1998 Nov 15 1
12 9219327 Binding of the von Willebrand factor A1 domain to histone. 1997 Jun 15 1
13 7539426 Identification of amino acid residues essential for von Willebrand factor binding to platelet glycoprotein Ib. Charged-to-alanine scanning mutagenesis of the A1 domain of human von Willebrand factor. 1995 Jun 2 2
14 8049421 Characterization of von Willebrand factor gene defects in two unrelated patients with type IIC von Willebrand disease. 1994 Aug 15 1
15 8120035 Disulfide bonds required to assemble functional von Willebrand factor multimers. 1994 Mar 4 2
16 8483792 Synthetic peptides inhibit the interaction of von Willebrand factor-platelet membrane glycoproteins. 1993 Mar-Apr 1
17 1323869 [The glycoprotein IIb/IIIa complex of the platelets. An activation-dependent integrin]. 1992 Feb 2
18 1409710 von Willebrand disease type B: a missense mutation selectively abolishes ristocetin-induced von Willebrand factor binding to platelet glycoprotein Ib. 1992 Oct 15 1
19 1737795 Selective inactivation of the Arg-Gly-Asp-Ser (RGDS) binding site in von Willebrand factor by site-directed mutagenesis. 1992 Feb 15 2
20 1871720 Platelets adhere to sulfatides by von Willebrand factor dependent and independent mechanisms. 1991 May 6 3
21 2052556 Mutation in the gene encoding the alpha chain of platelet glycoprotein Ib in platelet-type von Willebrand disease. 1991 Jun 1 1
22 1715119 Multiple epitope specificity of monoclonal antibodies to a single synthetic peptide: use in the characterization of the GP IIb-IIIa binding domain of von Willebrand factor. 1990 3
23 2545728 Von Willebrand factor promotes endothelial cell adhesion via an Arg-Gly-Asp-dependent mechanism. 1989 Jul 4
24 2690940 Cross-linking of a monomeric 39/34-kDa dispase fragment of von Willebrand factor (Leu-480/Val-481-Gly-718) to the N-terminal region of the alpha-chain of membrane glycoprotein Ib on intact platelets with bis(sulfosuccinimidyl) suberate. 1989 Oct 17 1
25 2453507 Generation and characterization of peptide-specific antibodies that inhibit von Willebrand factor binding to glycoprotein IIb-IIIa without interacting with other adhesive molecules. Selectivity is conferred by Pro1743 and other amino acid residues adjacent to the sequence Arg1744-Gly1745-Asp1746. 1988 Jun 5 2
26 2889486 Localization of a collagen-interactive domain of human von Willebrand factor between amino acid residues Gly 911 and Glu 1,365. 1987 Nov 1
27 3037722 Inhibition of von Willebrand factor binding to platelets by two recognition site peptides: the pentadecapeptide of the carboxy terminus of the fibrinogen gamma chain and the tetrapeptide arg-gly-asp-ser. 1987 May 1 1
28 3500868 The dualistic mechanisms of platelet adhesion to von Willebrand factor substrates. 1987 Dec 1
29 3019665 Full-length von Willebrand factor (vWF) cDNA encodes a highly repetitive protein considerably larger than the mature vWF subunit. 1986 Aug 1
30 2864688 Cloning and characterization of two cDNAs coding for human von Willebrand factor. 1985 Oct 1