Fatty Acids

fatty acid binding protein 2, intestinal ; Mus musculus

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1 31905021 Mechanisms underlying reduced weight gain in intestinal fatty acid-binding protein (IFABP) null mice. 2020 Mar 1 1
2 32298508 Two fatty acid-binding proteins expressed in the intestine interact differently with endocannabinoids. 2020 Jul 4
3 19813210 Proteomic analysis of liver tissue from HBx-transgenic mice at early stages of hepatocarcinogenesis. 2009 Nov 1
4 16532262 Adaptations to the loss of intestinal fatty acid binding protein in mice. 2006 Mar 1
5 11023988 The intestinal fatty acid binding protein is not essential for dietary fat absorption in mice. 2000 Oct 1
6 9530094 Cellular differentiation and I-FABP protein expression modulate fatty acid uptake and diffusion. 1998 Mar 1
7 9277406 Fatty acid regulation of fatty acid-binding protein expression in the small intestine. 1997 Aug 2
8 7567997 A 20-nucleotide element in the intestinal fatty acid binding protein gene modulates its cell lineage-specific, differentiation-dependent, and cephalocaudal patterns of expression in transgenic mice. 1995 Sep 12 1
9 1527171 Use of transgenic mice to map cis-acting elements in the intestinal fatty acid binding protein gene (Fabpi) that control its cell lineage-specific and regional patterns of expression along the duodenal-colonic and crypt-villus axes of the gut epithelium. 1992 Oct 1