Fatty Acids

fatty acid-binding protein, heart ; Sus scrofa

8 Article(s)
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1 31173805 Expression and single-nucleotide polymorphisms of the H-FABP gene in pigs. 2019 Aug 20 1
2 25306509 Novel variation in the FABP3 promoter and its association with fatness traits in pigs. 2015 Feb 1
3 26172243 Effects of genetic variants for the swine FABP3, HMGA1, MC4R, IGF2, and FABP4 genes on fatty acid composition. 2015 Dec 2
4 20848210 Association of genetic variants for FABP3 gene with back fat thickness and intramuscular fat content in pig. 2011 Mar 1
5 20659784 Association between polymorphisms of the heart fatty acid binding protein gene and intramuscular fat content, fatty acid composition, and meat quality in Berkshire breed. 2010 Nov 3
6 18621139 Differential gene expression of fatty acid binding proteins during porcine adipogenesis. 2008 Oct 1
7 17431053 Heart fatty acid binding protein is upregulated during porcine adipocyte development. 2007 Jul 1
8 16706925 Investigation of two candidate genes for meat quality traits in a quantitative trait locus region on SSC6: the porcine short heterodimer partner and heart fatty acid binding protein genes. 2006 Jun 1