nerve growth factor ; Rattus norvegicus

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1 23658889 Original nerve growth factor mimetic dipeptide GK-2 limits the manifestations of hemorrhagic stroke in rats. 2013 Mar 1
2 24640768 [Morphological study of neuroprotective properties of dipeptide mimetic of nerve growth factor (GK-2h) in focal ischemic damage of rat brain prefrontal cortex]. 2013 Oct-Dec 1
3 23101372 [Antifibrillatory activity of dipeptide antagonist of nerve growth factor]. 2012 Jul-Aug 1
4 22462051 Neuroprotective effect of GK-2, a dipeptide mimetic of nerve growth factor, during experimental focal ischemia in middle cerebral artery basin. 2011 Sep 1
5 20184279 [Effect of the novel nootropic and neuroprotective dipeptide noopept on the streptozotocin-induced model of sporadic Alzheimer disease in rats]. 2010 Jan 1
6 1601893 The unprocessed C-terminal dipeptide of recombinant beta-nerve growth factor determines three stable forms with distinct biological activities. 1992 Jun 15 1