Pentosan Sulfuric Polyester

serpin family D member 1 ; Homo sapiens

4 Article(s)
Pub. Year
#Total Relationships
1 7588997 Effect of sulfated xylans during the interaction of [125I]-thrombin with antithrombin III or heparin cofactor II of human plasma. 1995 Jan-Mar 4
2 3217919 A simple method to measure dermatan sulfate at sub-microgram concentrations in plasma. 1988 Oct 31 1
3 2436330 Effect of pentosan polysulphate administration in man on the formation of covalent complexes between heparin cofactor II and thrombin generated in plasma by contact activation. 1986 Dec 15 2
4 2436331 Comparative turn-over of heparin cofactor II and antithrombin III in baboons. Influence of heparin and pentosan polysulfate administration. 1986 Dec 15 2