host cell factor C1 ; Homo sapiens

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1 28363510 X-Linked Cobalamin Disorder (HCFC1) Mimicking Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia With Increased Both Cerebrospinal Fluid Glycine and Methylmalonic Acid. 2017 Jun 7
2 20805357 The ubiquitin carboxyl hydrolase BAP1 forms a ternary complex with YY1 and HCF-1 and is a critical regulator of gene expression. 2010 Nov 1
3 10464271 Mutations that increase acidity enhance the transcriptional activity of the glutamine-rich activation domain in stage-specific activator protein. 1999 Sep 3 1
4 8650173 The embryonic transcription factor stage specific activator protein contains a potent bipartite activation domain that interacts with several RNA polymerase II basal transcription factors. 1996 Jun 11 1