Fatty Acids

fatty acid desaturase 3 ; Arabidopsis thaliana

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1 28918508 Metabolic engineering of Schizosaccharomyces pombe to produce punicic acid, a conjugated fatty acid with nutraceutic properties. 2017 Nov 2
2 27500884 Histone acetyltransferase general control non-repressed protein 5 (GCN5) affects the fatty acid composition of Arabidopsis thaliana seeds by acetylating fatty acid desaturase3 (FAD3). 2016 Dec 2
3 17114270 Insights into the role of specific lipids in the formation and delivery of lipid microdomains to the plasma membrane of plant cells. 2007 Jan 1
4 16759675 Altered rates of protein transport in Arabidopsis mutants deficient in chloroplast membrane unsaturation. 2006 Aug 1
5 16762380 Conjugated fatty acids accumulate to high levels in phospholipids of metabolically engineered soybean and Arabidopsis seeds. 2006 Jun 1
6 11722119 Hormonal regulation of tissue-specific ectopic expression of an Arabidopsis endoplasmic reticulum-type omega-3 fatty acid desaturase (FAD3) gene. 2001 Oct 1
7 10973486 DGD1-independent biosynthesis of extraplastidic galactolipids after phosphate deprivation in Arabidopsis. 2000 Sep 12 1
8 9276960 Overexpression of the FAD3 desaturase gene in a mutant of Arabidopsis. 1997 Aug 1