ferryl iron

immunoglobulin kappa variable 1-16 ; Homo sapiens

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1 31222649 A novel superparamagnetic micro-nano-bio-adsorbent PDA/Fe3O4/BC for removal of hexavalent chromium ions from simulated and electroplating wastewater. 2019 Aug 2
2 31546075 Magnetic aluminum-based metal organic framework as a novel magnetic adsorbent for the effective removal of minocycline from aqueous solutions. 2019 Dec 1
3 31621307 Silica Removal Using Magnetic Iron-Aluminum Hybrid Nanomaterials: Measurements, Adsorption Mechanisms, and Implications for Silica Scaling in Reverse Osmosis. 2019 Nov 19 1
4 30209767 Facile synthesis of Fe3O4@MOF-100(Fe) magnetic microspheres for the adsorption of diclofenac sodium in aqueous solution. 2018 Nov 1
5 28942255 Melamine-based dendrimer amine-modified magnetic nanoparticles as an efficient Pb(II) adsorbent for wastewater treatment: Adsorption optimization by response surface methodology. 2017 Dec 1