estradiol 3-benzoate

estrogen receptor 2 ; Rattus norvegicus

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1 24352099 Sex-specific Esr2 mRNA expression in the rat hypothalamus and amygdala is altered by neonatal bisphenol A exposure. 2014 1
2 18950659 Neonatal agonism of ERalpha masculinizes serotonergic (5-HT) projections to the female rat ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus (VMN) but does not impair lordosis. 2009 Jan 23 2
3 19596275 Estrogen receptor alpha and beta specific agonists regulate expression of synaptic proteins in rat hippocampus. 2009 Sep 22 1
4 15087431 Regulation of estrogen receptor-beta expression in the female rat hypothalamus: differential effects of dexamethasone and estradiol. 2004 Aug 2
5 15375486 Inhibition of mammary gland tumors by short-term treatment of estradiol-3-benzoate associated with down-regulation of estrogen receptor ERalpha and ERbeta. 2004 Oct 1
6 11174013 Neonatal imprinting and regulation of estrogen receptor alpha and beta mRNA expression by estrogen in the pituitary and hypothalamus of the male rat. 2001 Jan 1