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1 34581306 Robust HIV-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell responses distinguish elite control in adolescents living with HIV from viremic nonprogressors. 2022 Jan 1 1
2 35231604 Env-independent protection of intrarectal SIV challenge by vaccine induction of Gag/Vif-specific CD8+ T cells but not CD4+ T cells. 2022 May 4 1
3 33859108 The impact of immune checkpoint therapy on the latent reservoir in HIV-infected individuals with cancer on antiretroviral therapy. 2021 Aug 1 1
4 34280415 Vaccine nanodiscs plus polyICLC elicit robust CD8+ T cell responses in mice and non-human primates. 2021 Sep 10 1
5 34369597 Clonotypic architecture of a Gag-specific CD8+ T-cell response in chronic human HIV-2 infection. 2021 Oct 3
6 34686680 Long-term protective immunity induced by an adjuvant-containing live-attenuated AIDS virus. 2021 Oct 22 1
7 31661461 SIV-specific CD8+ T cells are clonotypically distinct across lymphoid and mucosal tissues. 2020 Feb 3 2
8 32647227 Therapeutic vaccine-mediated Gag-specific CD8+ T-cell induction under anti-retroviral therapy augments anti-virus efficacy of CD8+ cells in simian immunodeficiency virus-infected macaques. 2020 Jul 9 4
9 32979832 Persistent lentivirus infection induces early myeloid suppressor cells expansion to subvert protective memory CD8 T cell response✰,✰✰. 2020 Oct 1
10 33072082 CD160 Plays a Protective Role During Chronic Infection by Enhancing Both Functionalities and Proliferative Capacity of CD8+ T Cells. 2020 1
11 33328567 Mucosal IL-4R antagonist HIV vaccination with SOSIP-gp140 booster can induce high-quality cytotoxic CD4+/CD8+ T cells and humoral responses in macaques. 2020 Dec 16 1
12 30830870 Vaccine induction of antibodies and tissue-resident CD8+ T cells enhances protection against mucosal SHIV-infection in young macaques. 2019 Feb 21 1
13 30921340 Induction and maintenance of bi-functional (IFN-γ + IL-2+ and IL-2+ TNF-α+) T cell responses by DNA prime MVA boosted subtype C prophylactic vaccine tested in a Phase I trial in India. 2019 1
14 31034775 Chemokine receptor CCR5 correlates with functional CD8+ T cells in SIV-infected macaques and the potential effects of maraviroc on T-cell activation. 2019 Aug 1
15 31106390 Correction to: Genetically engineered probiotic Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains mature human dendritic cells and stimulate gag-specific memory CD8+ T cells ex vivo. 2019 Jul 1
16 31301135 HLA-I Associated Adaptation Dampens CD8 T-Cell Responses in HIV Ad5-Vectored Vaccine Recipients. 2019 Oct 8 1
17 29167337 Differential Immunodominance Hierarchy of CD8+ T-Cell Responses in HLA-B*27:05- and -B*27:02-Mediated Control of HIV-1 Infection. 2018 Feb 15 1
18 30564243 Increased Expression of sST2 in Early HIV Infected Patients Attenuated the IL-33 Induced T Cell Responses. 2018 1
19 28333940 Distinct transcriptome profiles of Gag-specific CD8+ T cells temporally correlated with the protection elicited by SIVΔnef live attenuated vaccine. 2017 3
20 27427877 Standard vaccines increase HIV-1 transcription during antiretroviral therapy. 2016 Sep 24 1
21 27711228 DNA/MVA Vaccination of HIV-1 Infected Participants with Viral Suppression on Antiretroviral Therapy, followed by Treatment Interruption: Elicitation of Immune Responses without Control of Re-Emergent Virus. 2016 1
22 27829019 Subset- and Antigen-Specific Effects of Treg on CD8+ T Cell Responses in Chronic HIV Infection. 2016 Nov 1
23 26269189 The Breadth of Expandable Memory CD8+ T Cells Inversely Correlates with Residual Viral Loads in HIV Elite Controllers. 2015 Nov 1
24 26291824 Higher Frequency of NK and CD4+ T-Cells in Mucosa and Potent Cytotoxic Response in HIV Controllers. 2015 1
25 24010680 HIV subtype influences HLA-B*07:02-associated HIV disease outcome. 2014 May 1
26 24371068 Tertiary mutations stabilize CD8+ T lymphocyte escape-associated compensatory mutations following transmission of simian immunodeficiency virus. 2014 Mar 1
27 24416431 A parameter for IL-10 and TGF-ß mediated regulation of HIV-1 specific T cell activation provides novel information and relates to progression markers. 2014 1
28 24505475 Fusion of ubiquitin to HIV gag impairs human monocyte-derived dendritic cell maturation and reduces ability to induce gag T cell responses. 2014 1
29 26344746 Immunotherapy with an HIV-DNA Vaccine in Children and Adults. 2014 Jul 17 1
30 23374084 HIV-specific T-cell responses detected in the genital tract of chronically HIV-infected women are largely monofunctional. 2013 Jul 2
31 23616666 Early Gag immunodominance of the HIV-specific T-cell response during acute/early infection is associated with higher CD8+ T-cell antiviral activity and correlates with preservation of the CD4+ T-cell compartment. 2013 Jul 2
32 22377305 [HIV controllers: how these patients control viral replication?]. 2012 Feb 1
33 22419810 Virus inhibition activity of effector memory CD8(+) T cells determines simian immunodeficiency virus load in vaccinated monkeys after vaccine breakthrough infection. 2012 May 1
34 22491464 Association of major histocompatibility complex class I haplotypes with disease progression after simian immunodeficiency virus challenge in burmese rhesus macaques. 2012 Jun 1
35 21159859 Cell-associated viral burden provides evidence of ongoing viral replication in aviremic HIV-2-infected patients. 2011 Mar 1
36 21467219 Immunization with HIV Gag targeted to dendritic cells followed by recombinant New York vaccinia virus induces robust T-cell immunity in nonhuman primates. 2011 Apr 26 1
37 21483689 R5-SHIV induces multiple defects in T cell function during early infection of rhesus macaques including accumulation of T reg cells in lymph nodes. 2011 Apr 5 1
38 21778119 Evaluation of CD103 (αEβ7) integrin expression by CD8 T cells in blood as a surrogate marker to predict cervical T cell responses in the female genital tract during HIV infection. 2011 Nov 2
39 21818255 Immunodominance of HIV-1 specific CD8+ T-cell responses is related to disease progression rate in vertically infected adolescents. 2011 1
40 21865377 The HIV/AIDS vaccine candidate MVA-B administered as a single immunogen in humans triggers robust, polyfunctional, and selective effector memory T cell responses to HIV-1 antigens. 2011 Nov 1
41 21994463 Pyrosequencing reveals restricted patterns of CD8+ T cell escape-associated compensatory mutations in simian immunodeficiency virus. 2011 Dec 1
42 19910798 Immune escape mutations detected within HIV-1 epitopes associated with viral control during treatment interruption. 2010 Jan 1
43 20561662 Disease progression due to dual infection in an HLA-B57-positive asymptomatic long-term nonprogressor infected with a nef-defective HIV-1 strain. 2010 Sep 15 1
44 20668079 Immunodominant HIV-specific CD8+ T-cell responses are common to blood and gastrointestinal mucosa, and Gag-specific responses dominate in rectal mucosa of HIV controllers. 2010 Oct 1
45 21108465 Robust genital gag-specific CD8+ T-cell responses in mice upon intramuscular immunization with simian adenoviral vectors expressing HIV-1-gag. 2010 Dec 1
46 19428572 A model for testing the immunogenicity of simian immunodeficiency virus and simian-human immunodeficiency virus vaccine candidates in mice. 2009 Jun 1
47 19494307 Heterogeneity in HIV suppression by CD8 T cells from HIV controllers: association with Gag-specific CD8 T cell responses. 2009 Jun 15 1
48 19605475 Impact of HLA in mother and child on disease progression of pediatric human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection. 2009 Oct 2
49 19641002 Dominant CD8+ T-lymphocyte responses suppress expansion of vaccine-elicited subdominant T lymphocytes in rhesus monkeys challenged with pathogenic simian-human immunodeficiency virus. 2009 Oct 2
50 18275276 Genetic and immunologic heterogeneity among persons who control HIV infection in the absence of therapy. 2008 Feb 15 1