microtubule associated protein tau ; Homo sapiens

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3 19190923 Truncated tau at D421 is associated with neurodegeneration and tangle formation in the brain of Alzheimer transgenic models. 2009 Jun 1
4 15619127 Silver stains distinguish tau-positive structures in corticobasal degeneration/progressive supranuclear palsy and in Alzheimer's disease--comparison between Gallyas and Campbell-Switzer methods. 2005 Mar 2
5 15759128 Silver staining profiles distinguish Pick bodies from neurofibrillary tangles of Alzheimer type: comparison between Gallyas and Campbell-Switzer methods. 2005 May 1
6 14739532 Regional analysis of differently phosphorylated tau proteins in brains from patients with Alzheimer's disease. 2004 2
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