retinoid X receptor alpha ; Homo sapiens

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1 27852823 Phosphorylation of Human Retinoid X Receptor α at Serine 260 Impairs Its Subcellular Localization, Receptor Interaction, Nuclear Mobility, and 1α,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3-dependent DNA Binding in Ras-transformed Keratinocytes. 2017 Jan 27 2
2 28079136 SNP rs11185644 of RXRA gene is identified for dose-response variability to vitamin D3 supplementation: a randomized clinical trial. 2017 Jan 12 1
3 20171278 Genome-wide analysis of the VDR/RXR cistrome in osteoblast cells provides new mechanistic insight into the actions of the vitamin D hormone. 2010 Jul 2
4 16158255 Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) inhibits growth and invasion by up-regulating nuclear receptors and 25-hydroxylase (CYP27A1) in human prostate cancer cells. 2005 2
5 12893883 Retinoid X receptor is a nonsilent major contributor to vitamin D receptor-mediated transcriptional activation. 2003 Nov 4
6 11315990 Interaction of two novel 14-epivitamin D3 analogs with vitamin D3 receptor-retinoid X receptor heterodimers on vitamin D3 responsive elements. 2001 Apr 1
7 11332745 Nongenomic vitamin D3 analogs activating ERK2 in HL-60 cells show that retinoic acid-induced differentiation and cell cycle arrest require early concurrent MAPK and RAR and RXR activation. 2001 Feb 1
8 11850224 Regulation of aromatase by nuclear receptors. 2001 Dec 1
9 10721822 Decreased mRNA levels of retinoic acid receptor alpha, retinoid X receptor alpha and thyroid hormone receptor alpha in lesional psoriatic skin. 2000 Jan-Feb 1
10 12903442 [The regulation of vitamin D3 and 9-cis-retinoic acid and their receptors on human hsp90 beta gene]. 2000 Aug 1
11 9586948 Inhibition of the 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3-induced increase in vitamin D receptor (VDR) levels and binding of VDR-retinoid X receptor (RXR) to a direct repeat (DR)-3 type response element by an RXR-specific ligand in human keratinocyte cultures. 1998 Mar 15 1
12 9602865 The vitamin D3 receptor and retinoid X receptors in psoriatic skin: the receptor levels correlate with the receptor binding to DNA. 1998 Feb 1
13 9148917 Thyroid hormone-mediated enhancement of heterodimer formation between thyroid hormone receptor beta and retinoid X receptor. 1997 May 16 2
14 8622645 Selective effects of ligands on vitamin D3 receptor- and retinoid X receptor-mediated gene activation in vivo. 1996 Mar 1
15 7585485 Effects of vitamin D3 derivatives on growth, differentiation and apoptosis in tumoral colonic HT 29 cells: possible implication of intracellular calcium. 1995 Oct 20 2
16 7625727 Nuclear hormone receptors activate direct, inverted, and everted repeats. 1995 Jun 12 1
17 7700077 Potent vitamin D3 analogs: their abilities to enhance transactivation and to bind to the vitamin D3 response element. 1995 Mar 2
18 7862109 Natural vitamin D3 response elements formed by inverted palindromes: polarity-directed ligand sensitivity of vitamin D3 receptor-retinoid X receptor heterodimer-mediated transactivation. 1995 Mar 1
19 8614417 Vitamin D3-retinoid X receptor dimerization, DNA binding, and transactivation are differentially affected by analogs of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3. 1995 Dec 1
20 8188744 Retinoic acid disrupts the Golgi apparatus and increases the cytosolic routing of specific protein toxins. 1994 May 1
21 8470912 [Retinoid signalling pathways]. 1993 Apr 1
22 1310351 Retinoid X receptor interacts with nuclear receptors in retinoic acid, thyroid hormone and vitamin D3 signalling. 1992 Jan 30 2