LOC100508689 ; Homo sapiens

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1 28487369 N-Glycosylation affects the stability and barrier function of the MUC16 mucin. 2017 Jun 30 1
2 19191477 Structure of a SusD homologue, BT1043, involved in mucin O-glycan utilization in a prominent human gut symbiont. 2009 Feb 24 1
3 12466366 Variation in the amount of T antigen and N-acetyllactosamine oligosaccharides in human cervical mucus secretions with the menstrual cycle. 2002 Dec 1
4 7499214 Characterization of a sulfotransferase from human airways responsible for the 3-O-sulfation of terminal galactose in N-acetyllactosamine-containing mucin carbohydrate chains. 1995 Nov 17 1
5 1663364 Reactivity of mucin-specific lectin from Sambucus sieboldiana with simple sugars, normal mucins and tumor-associated mucins. Comparison with other lectins. 1991 Oct 1