ATP binding cassette subfamily G member 2 (Junior blood group) ; Homo sapiens

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1 28951049 An easy and fast adenosine 5'-diphosphate quantification procedure based on hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-high resolution tandem mass spectrometry for determination of the in vitro adenosine 5'-triphosphatase activity of the human breast cancer resistance protein ABCG2. 2017 Oct 27 2
2 17978814 The breast cancer resistance protein transporter ABCG2 is expressed in the human kidney proximal tubule apical membrane. 2008 Jan 2
3 17202245 Modulation of human BCRP (ABCG2) activity by anti-HIV drugs. 2007 Feb 1
4 15007102 HIV protease inhibitors are inhibitors but not substrates of the human breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP/ABCG2). 2004 Jul 1