Protein Name matrix metallopeptidase 9
Organism Homo sapiens
Gene ID 4318
Gene Symbol


UniProt P14780 (MMP9_HUMAN)
Relationships Total Number of functionally related compound(s) : 2470
Total Number of Articles : 4511

matrix metallopeptidase 9

Gene Summary

Proteins of the matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) family are involved in the breakdown of extracellular matrix in normal physiological processes, such as embryonic development, reproduction, and tissue remodeling, as well as in disease processes, such as arthritis and metastasis. Most MMP's are secreted as inactive proproteins which are activated when cleaved by extracellular proteinases. The enzyme encoded by this gene degrades type IV and V collagens. Studies in rhesus monkeys suggest that the enzyme is involved in IL-8-induced mobilization of hematopoietic progenitor cells from bone marrow, and murine studies suggest a role in tumor-associated tissue remodeling. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]

  • matrix metalloproteinase-9
  • macrophage gelatinase
  • matrix metallopeptidase 9 (gelatinase B, 92kDa gelatinase, 92kDa type IV collagenase)
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