Protein Name gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase
Organism Homo sapiens
Gene ID 79017
Gene Symbol


UniProt O75223 (GGCT_HUMAN), A0A090N7V5 (A0A090N7V5_HUMAN)
Relationships Total Number of functionally related compound(s) : 92
Total Number of Articles : 149


Gene Summary

The protein encoded by this gene catalyzes the formation of 5-oxoproline from gamma-glutamyl dipeptides, the penultimate step in glutathione catabolism, and may play a critical role in glutathione homeostasis. The encoded protein may also play a role in cell proliferation, and the expression of this gene is a potential marker for cancer. Pseudogenes of this gene are located on the long arm of chromosome 5 and the short arm of chromosomes 2 and 20. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding multiple isoforms have been observed for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Dec 2010]

  • gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase
  • cytochrome c-releasing factor 21
  • gamma -glutamyl cyclotransferase
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