Title : The combined action of two thyroidal proteases releases T4 from the dominant hormone-forming site of thyroglobulin.

Pub. Date : 1996 Aug

PMID : 8754751

2 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 Lysosomal dipeptidase I alone had no effect on 20 kDa but acted in combination with cathepsin B to release T4 from the T4-Gln dipeptide. Dipeptides cathepsin B Homo sapiens
2 We conclude that the N-terminus of Tg, which contains its major hormonogenic site, is particularly susceptible to hydrolysis by the endopeptidase cathepsin B and that cathepsin B additionally has an important exopeptidase action that allows it to release a T4 dipeptide that is then further degraded by LDPI to release free T4. Dipeptides cathepsin B Homo sapiens