Title : A comparison of the effects of tumor promoters 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate and teleocidin on gene expression in human skin cell fibroblasts.

Pub. Date : 1984 Aug

PMID : 6436129

2 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 Both TPA and teleocidin B caused a marked increase in the synthesis of two polypeptides with molecular weights of 44 kilodaltons (p44) and 55 kilodaltons (p55). teleocidins H3 histone pseudogene 44 Homo sapiens
2 No such specific increase in polypeptide synthesis was observed following treatment with either EGF or 4-O-MeTPA, suggesting that the increase in synthesis of p44 and p55 is specific to TPA and teleocidin, both agents with strong promoting activities. teleocidins H3 histone pseudogene 44 Homo sapiens