Title : Daily rapid blood glucose variations may condition antithrombin III biologic activity but not its plasma concentration in insulin-dependent diabetes. A possible role for labile non-enzymatic glycation.

Pub. Date : 1987 Feb

PMID : 3569629

2 Functional Relationships(s)
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1 The variations of both plasma glucose and labile HbA1 were inversely correlated to the alterations of ATIII activity (r = -0.71 and r = -0.73, respectively, p less than 0.001), while no change in ATIII plasma concentration was present. Glucose serpin family C member 1 Homo sapiens
2 These data suggest a direct role of glucose in determining rapid alteration of ATIII biologic activity, in vivo, in diabetes, probably mediated by labile non-enzymatic glycation. Glucose serpin family C member 1 Homo sapiens