Title : Reciprocal relationship between contact and complement system activation on artificial polymers exposed to whole human blood.

Pub. Date : 2016 Jan

PMID : 26584351

1 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 METHODS: Polymer particles were incubated in (1) EDTA-plasma (10 mM) to monitor the adsorption of 20 selected proteins; (2) lepirudin-anticoagulated plasma to evaluate contact system activation, monitored by the formation of complexes between the generated proteases factor[F]XIIa, FXIa and kallikrein and the serpins C1-inhibitor [C1INH] and antithrombin [AT]; (3) lepirudin-anticoagulated whole blood to determine cytokine release. Polymers serpin family C member 1 Homo sapiens