Title : Expression of Phospholipase D in Periodontitis and Its Role in the Inflammatory and Osteoclastic Response by Nicotine- and Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Human Periodontal Ligament Cells.

Pub. Date : 2015 Dec

PMID : 26334245

1 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 Pharmacologic and siRNA-mediated inhibition of PLD1 and PLD2 attenuated the nicotine- and LPS-induced upregulation of inducible nitric oxide (NO) synthase and cyclooxygenase-2, production of NO, and prostaglandin E2, and mRNA expression and secretion of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interleukin (IL)-1beta, and IL-8. Nicotine tumor necrosis factor Homo sapiens