Title : Activation of α7 nicotinic receptor affects APP processing by regulating secretase activity in SH-EP1-α7 nAChR-hAPP695 cells.

Pub. Date : 2010 Oct 14

PMID : 20708605

3 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 The secreted Abeta was decreased and alphaAPPs was significantly increased by non-selective nAChR agonist nicotine (10 muM) and specific alpha7 nAChR agonist GTS-21 (1 muM), and APP expression was not affected. Nicotine latexin Homo sapiens
2 CTF-alpha was increased and CTF-gamma was decreased when treated with nicotine (10 muM). Nicotine latexin Homo sapiens
3 In addition, the results of enymatic activity analysis showed that nicotine (1muM) and GTS-21 (0.1, 1 muM) decreased gamma-secretase activity, but has no effects on alpha-secretase activity and beta-secretase activity. Nicotine latexin Homo sapiens