Title : The association of deamidation of Bcl-xL and translocation of Bax to the mitochondria through activation of JNK in the induction of apoptosis by treatment with GSH-conjugated DXR.

Pub. Date : 2008 Aug

PMID : 18636161

2 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 GSH-DXR treatment of HepG2 cells, which did not express GST P1-1, exhibited deamidation of Bcl-xL, and the degree of deamidation was related to the activation of caspase-3. Glutathione caspase 3 Homo sapiens
2 Overexpression of GST P1-1 in HepG2 cells decreased both the Bcl-xL deamidation and caspase-3 activation induced by treatment with GSH-DXR. Glutathione caspase 3 Homo sapiens