Title : Putative somatostatin suppression potentiates adrenocorticotropin secretion driven by ghrelin and human corticotropin-releasing hormone.

Pub. Date : 2007 Sep

PMID : 17566099

2 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 CRH and l-arginine infusion evoked ACTH peaks of 23 (14-48) and 31 (21-286) ng/liter, respectively (P = 0.037 and P = 0.005 vs. saline). Arginine proopiomelanocortin Homo sapiens
2 CONCLUSIONS: The present outcomes indicate that the peptide ensemble comprising ghrelin, CRH, and SS (inferred by l-arginine infusion) can regulate ACTH and cortisol secretion in healthy adults. Arginine proopiomelanocortin Homo sapiens