Title : Chronic but not acute nicotine treatment reverses stress-induced impairment of LTP in anesthetized rats.

Pub. Date : 2006 Jun 30

PMID : 16725127

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1 Herein, we investigated the effects of acute and chronic nicotine treatments on the chronic-stress-induced impairment of LTP in area CA1 of the hippocampus of urethane-anesthetized rats. Nicotine carbonic anhydrase 1 Rattus norvegicus
2 Extracellular in vivo recording from the hippocampal area CA1 showed that pre-treatment with nicotine (1 mg/kg; sc twice/day for 2 weeks prior to stress) protected LTP from the inhibitory effect of subsequent chronic psychosocial stress (4 additional weeks concurrently with nicotine). Nicotine carbonic anhydrase 1 Rattus norvegicus