Title : Effects of pH on nicotine-induced DNA damage and oxidative stress.

Pub. Date : 2005 Sep

PMID : 16076763

3 Functional Relationships(s)
Compound Name
Protein Name
1 Nicotine (1 and 10 muM) significantly induced DNA strand breakage when cultured at pH 8 for 6 h but did not induce DNA damage at pH 6.5. Nicotine latexin Homo sapiens
2 Flow cytometric analyses showed that the production of 8-oxoguanine was significantly increased following nicotine (10 muM) treatment. Nicotine latexin Homo sapiens
3 Finally, cigarette smoke condensate (equivalent to 8 muM nicotine) induced significant DNA strand breaks in OEC-M1 cells at pH 8 and correlated with the generation of oxidative DNA damage. Nicotine latexin Homo sapiens