selectin E ; Homo sapiens

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1 26988221 Inhibition of E-selectin expression on the surface of endothelial cells inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma growth by preventing tumor angiogenesis. 2016 Apr 2
2 25572737 In silico modeling of the molecular interactions of antacid medication with the endothelium: novel therapeutic implications in head and neck carcinomas. 2014 Oct-Dec 1
3 21327325 Cimetidine inhibits the adhesion of gastric cancer cells expressing high levels of sialyl Lewis x in human vascular endothelial cells by blocking E-selectin expression. 2011 Apr 5
4 21965729 Breast cancer cell-derived cytokines, macrophages and cell adhesion: implications for metastasis. 2011 Oct 2
5 19885579 Increase in E-selectin expression in umbilical vein endothelial cells by anticancer drugs and inhibition by cimetidine. 2009 Dec 7
6 18219847 [Effect of cimetidine on E-selectin expression on the vascular endothelium stimulated by anti-cancer drug]. 2007 Nov 3
7 15780091 Positive correlation between sialyl Lewis X expression and pathologic findings in renal cell carcinoma. 2005 Apr 2
8 16315875 [An interesting change of E-selectin in cimetidine administration during anticancer drug use]. 2005 Oct 6
9 14695770 Cooperative inhibitory effects of antisense oligonucleotide of cell adhesion molecules and cimetidine on cancer cell adhesion. 2004 Jan 8
10 14619520 [Cimetidine inhibits the adhesion of cancer cells with sialyl Lewis epitope onto the vascular endothelium]. 2003 Oct 1
11 11870500 Cimetidine increases survival of colorectal cancer patients with high levels of sialyl Lewis-X and sialyl Lewis-A epitope expression on tumour cells. 2002 Jan 21 1
12 10919677 Cimetidine inhibits cancer cell adhesion to endothelial cells and prevents metastasis by blocking E-selectin expression. 2000 Jul 15 4